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Jan 2, 2009 09:41 AM

Where to Go for 19th Birthday?

I'm turning 19 and would like to go to a bar with good live music and a young crowd for my special day. It would also be nice if the menu featured some tasty (and preferably inexpensive) dishes. I'll be going out with around 15-20 people so space could also be a factor. I've been thinking Sneaky Dee's, Graffitis, Velvet Underground, Sound Acadamy, or Underground Garage Urban Saloon. But have never eaten at any of these places. Any suggestions, recommendations or thoughts on the bars I've been looking at would be more than welcome.

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  1. I love the Velvet Underground, but I'm not sure about food, there. I also love the Sound Academy, but never eaten there, either. There's Supermarket in Kensington, on Augusta — the food is wonderful, reasonably priced, and it turns into an (unpretentious) club at night.

    1. I'm in the wrong age category to help you much but I'm going to throw out Insomnia because it was suggested before on the board for a 19th birthday party and, as I recall, it went well. I believe there's a sort of private area with sofas, etc.

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        mmm yeah definitely some of the best food i've had in a young, affordable, drinking environment, but it's small-ish, so call ahead. it's not bar food though, and the is more ambiant and techo-ish than say Sneaky's. If you want a Broken Social soundtrack, Nirvana, RedRoom or Green Room might be better.

      2. Mitzi's Sister on Queen West has great food and great bands...

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          Never been to Mitzi's Sister but Mitzi's (the related restaurant) has amazing breakfast so I'm sure you can't go wrong with the food.

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            The food is good at Mitzi's Sister. I love the nachos! The crowd is not really that young, though.

            1. re: Sarah Cat

              it can be, depending on the time and the band and the day of the week...but the vibe is young, hipster, urban,

        2. yeah try supermarket on augusta!

          1. If you are going out on a Friday/Saturday, Sneaky Dee's might not be your best bet due to space. It would be hard to seat that many people together, and there isn't alot of space for standing around. Better for drinks with a smaller group. I agree with the supermarket recommendation...