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Jan 2, 2009 09:04 AM

I want to buy a juicer

I have looked at the Jack Lalanne one at Canadian Tire $139
and also the Breville at The Bay about $400 this one is a beauty

does anyone have any suggestions or have you tried either of these?

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  1. I have the Breville. It's incredible. You throw in full size unpeeled fruit. Clean up is literally rinsing it off and dumping the pulp in the green bin.

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    1. re: Cam D

      I just ordered a breville from sears for $199 and am wondering if it is the same one as the Bay for a whole lot more

      1. re: kas

        I actually cancelled that order and have now bought one on sale for $89 it is a Breville and I would have liked to have gotten a compact one but couldn't find one anywere
        this one is kind of huge and we shall see

        1. re: kas

          it is TOO big am taking it back and ordering a compact one ... iyiyiyi this is frustrating

          1. re: kas

            Since you mentioned The Bay, you must be shopping in Canada. I found that iQ Living in Toronto ( carried all 4 of the Breville juicers.

        2. re: Cam D

          when you say unpeeled fruit ... which ones do you mean?

        3. I have a Champion juicer and I just love it.

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          1. re: Leolady

            I have not heard of the Champion line of products

            1. re: kas

              In the mid 1980's I was a vegan and marathon runner who did several juice fasts. I was using an Omega basket type juicer that a friend had loaned me. Halfway through a 50 lb. bag of carrots I had to return the Omega and buy myself a Champion. The juice from the Champion was far superior. Darker, Richer, More full bodied and greater yield. I believe it is because the Champion continues to grind up the food for a longer time than the basket type machines. I now use the Champion to grate 10 lbs. of fresh horseradish every year for Passover. The Champion is much more versatile.

                1. re: phantomdoc

                  The reason you liked the Champion juicer is probably because it uses a low-speed mastication process, chewing up the fruits and veggies versus those high speed centrifuge ones. There is a difference in how the juice will taste.

                  There are many different types of Omega juicers, and it sounds like the "basket type" one that you are talking about uses a centrifuge process. Omega does also have a low speed masticating juicer.

                  If you're going to get a juicer, I highly recommend springing for the stainless steel one as carrot and beet juices can stain white plastic.

                  1. re: phantomdoc

                    I just bought a Norwalk after wanting one for 20+ years but what I bought and used in the interim was the Champion because at the time, it was considered the penultimate juicer after the Norwalk. Despite having bought it in 1988, it still runs fun and I haven't had to replace anything on it, although it probably wouldn't hurt to replace the cutter (it's being passed on to a friend).
                    There are now many juicers from Korea but they're made of plastic and I understand they start cracking (including the gears) under normal use, plus I've read complaints of the blades dulling fairly quickly. During the course of buying my Norwalk at a local expo where it was being demonstrated, I mentioned to the president of the company why I'd bought the Champion so long ago and he informed me that it was STILL the penultimate juicer, that it makes very good juice, and that it's very sturdy. Mine is the commercial model--it's not that much more expensive than the home-use model and it's what I'd recommend. If you want to get more bang for your buck, squeeze the pulp through a nylon nut milk bag when you're done juicing. And don't forget that in addition to the grinding you mention, you can make nut butters, baby food, and frozen-fruit desserts with it, too--I made a lot of cashew butter in mine over the years using broken cashew pieces for 'WAY less than it costs ready-made.

                    1. re: kas

                      You'd have it forever. But I don't think the one pictured is the commercial model.

                2. I bought the Breville Compact Juicer ($99.95) from Crate and Barrel and have been very happy with it. It's attractive, fits on my counter, process greens and fruits equally well, and cleans up quick. I even convinced 4 other people to buy it and they all love it too!


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                  1. re: brownieluv

                    I have the Breville Juice Fountain Compact. I got it at Costco for around $130 (CAD). It is a sufficient starter juicer. Clean up is relatively easy (rinse components, scrub filter), however there are a couple of nooks & crannies that are difficult to clean thoroughly. It easily juices most things. If you plan to juice a lot of soft fruit or leafy greens it is not ideal though. The next level up has a low speed that is better for these. I don't expect this juicer to last years, but it has been good for me to see how much I actually use it. Next juicer I would probably bump up a level.

                  2. We have the smaller Breville and we love it. It's a step down from the "professional" one they sell.

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