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Jan 2, 2009 08:48 AM

Restaurant Closings - 2009


This one, is for restaurant closings in Montreal for 2009 year.

  1. Gandhi Royal Cari, on St-Laurent north of Fairmount, is now closed. We used to like this restaurant quite a lot and had been going there for years, but our last experience in last November was a disaster. Decoration had been removed from the walls (guess they were getting ready to close), we were the only customers and it took forever to receive our subpar cold dishes...

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    1. re: plumeria

      Fortunately there are still three other Indian restaurants all on that same block. (Porte de l'Inde, Palais d'Inde, and Maison Cari Golden.)

      It's still somewhat unsettling though... Hopefully new restaurants will open up soon. They could use a lebanese place around there, and sushi wouldn't hurt either.

    2. Sur le Pouce which is basically a la belle province type restaurant, on Cremazie just east of St-Laurent, seems to have closed. I doubt any tears will be shed. But they just opened in August and my friend had commented on how the location really sucked and before we knew it they were closed. I had been meaning to try their poutine though just in case it was a hidden gem.

      1. Looks like Sushi Yu Mi didn't make it through the winter. There's a banner up announcing a new Al Taïb location.

        1. That would make 4 Al Taib locations within 1 blocks of Guy/ de Maisonneuve, no? The Tim Horton's strategy?

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          1. re: everyonelovessushi

            So I'm guessing all the Al Taib locations are company-owned(none of them franchises), being so close together?

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              this one is called "Grillades al taib" so i guess theyre going for something a little different this time

              1. re: everyonelovessushi

                Don't forget there's also one in the peel metro tunnel (when you enter from rue Stanley).

              2. The windows of Au Feu Bistro, NW corner of Mont-Royal and St-Dominque (?), were papered over when I walked by this evening.