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Jan 2, 2009 08:35 AM

Slow cooker question

Hello Everyone,

I received a Kitchen Aid 7 Qt. slow cooker for Christmas. There are only 2 of us in our household and while I do plan to cook some large roasts and batches of soup etc, will it be a problem to cook smaller meals in such a large slow cooker?

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  1. It is important to make sure the slow cooker is at least 2/3 full.
    However, I have a big one and like to cook in larger batches so that leftovers can be frozen. We made a KILLER sunday ragu in it a few weeks ago.

    1. I have the same crockpot and the same problem... while I have been able to cook some meals in it, it's not ideal for two people. I will also cook a huge pot, and then freeze the rest, but again that's often less than ideal as well.
      That leaves this particular device on a shelf in the basement 99% of the time.

      It was a freebie from KA - I never would have bought something so huge; and if I had received it as a gift... I would have returned it for something smaller.


      1. The 2/3 full rule is important. I use a 5 quart for my family of three, so 7 quarts really is a big pot for you. I usually make pot roast, veal stew, corned beef (boiling in water, basically), in mine, and even with a load of veggies and sauce, the thing always has at least an inch on top to breathe. With a slow cooker, there really is no need to cook big batches and freeze. Since the meal can cook while you are out, you can have fresh food easily without worrying about defrosting. I'd change it if it is possible.

        1. Not only is the 7-quart cooker awfully large for two people, its crock is much heavier and more difficult to wash than one from a smaller unit (mine met its doom in the kitchen sink - soapy hands and heavy ceramics don't mix). If an exchange is an option, you'd really be better off with a 4- or 5-quart model.

          1. I wasn't sure a slow cooker would be useful, so I tried a 2-quart Rival from Wal-Mart for 5 bucks. No bells and whistles -- just High, Low, and Off. I love it! I cook for only two people, and it's rare that I want to make more than 2 quarts of anything.