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Jan 2, 2009 08:27 AM

Best Breakfast spots, bagels - deli/appetiz in Dade/ Broward?

Forgot about breakfast spots in my other post, so wanted to start a new thread, didn't find much cohesive info on the board in a search, so forgive me if it's there and I just can't find it...........

What am I missing?

-The little french pastry cafe in the Anthony's Pizza plaza where Office Depot is, down the road from Williams Island

-The Original Pancake House in North Miami on Biscayne, and further up near Whole Foods, Promenade area?? I get all those strip malls confused...somewhere around there...isn't the one in N. Miami better? Remember the Ranch House, "raunch" house?? I miss the Miami of the 70's.

-Paul's Bakery in North Miami

-Mo's Bagels---------they actually have a good greek salad and eggplant dip there. But, the other stuff is not the most appetizing looking in the to go section

-What happened to Bagel Bar, did their nastiness finally do them in? Or have they relocated somewhere?

-Bagel Cove on Biscayne, in some strip mall in the area...near Chef Allen, I think

_Sage Bagels and Deli in Hallandale, always liked this place, intense

So, whose got some killer lox spread, herring salads, good bagels-----okay, I'm coming from NY, I have my expectations in check, but heck, after being wowed by Anthony's...I'm hopeful!

Thanks everyone!

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  1. Sage has the best bagels down here.

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    1. re: The Chowfather

      Yep, Sage has bagels in the their whitefish salad too!

      1. re: Debbie

        Their sturgeon is great also.

    2. The Bagel Emporium on South Dixie Highway, just across from University of Miami has the best bagels in the Coral Gables area. The texture is consistently chewy. (My point of view comes from NY / Manhattan "H&H" style bagels, so I view these as the best.)

      For smoked fish, Epicure absolutely rules--they have the best nova scotia and whitefish by a large margin, also their whitefish salads and nova/onion salad (which they only make occasionally) are excellent. In my view, by far and away, Epicure is the best for smoked fish & lox, though their bagels are quite weak and bland.

      Also of note: Roasters & Toasters in South Miami makes a solid, respectable whitefish salad and has bagels that are a close second to Bagel Emporium.

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      1. re: YonaShyml

        It's been a while but i recall Bagel Emporium being good but not as good as sage. Epicure tuna salad is the bomb. Do you have to stop saying the bomb after a certain age???

        1. re: The Chowfather

          I've only been down here three and a half years and do not get the chance to get around too broadly beyond Dade / Miami Beach. Where is Sage? (And Epicures Salmon / Egg / Onion salad is amazing. Even my kids eat it.)

      2. Bagelsteins on N. Federal Hwy (just north of Commercial Blvd, next to Bucca di Beppo) is, far and away the best bagels I've had since I moved from NY. Makes Sage and all the rest look like very distant contenders! Eddie, the baker, is from Brooklyn.

        1. What happened to Bagel Bar, did their nastiness finally do them in? Or have they relocated somewhere?

          In response, they went out of business after Robert (Mel the original owner's son) died a couple of years ago. And, by the way, he was the "nasty" one.