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Jan 2, 2009 08:04 AM

Westerly RI - Apizza

Has anyone tried this new pizza brother, a huge Pepe's (New Haven)fan, said this new place has incredible, light, crispy crusted pizza. I am nervous about posting this as I am sure the next time I am passing through Westerly, the lines will be out the door if it is as good as I hear it is. Can anyone report back on this place? Is my brother right?

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  1. First a few corrections--the name is Apizzo (you probably won't find their web site if you look under Appiza. Second, it's in Pawcatuck, CT, just over the river from Westerly, RI.

    We tried it last week. Did takeout, which admittedly is not the best way to judge, because it was not as hot as it should have been by the time we ate it. That said, we were not knocked out, especially since the prices are higher than Pepe's, and way higher than our favorite local pizza (Pizza Place which is about 300 yards away in Westerly.) They make just 1 size, which is comparable to Pepe's smallest pie. A clam pie was $16 and had much less clams than Pepe's or Pizza Place--won't be trying that again. The place was mobbed and they actually ran out of dough early in the evening--we made it just in time! We plan to give it another try and eat on premises once the crowd dies down a bit. They have some interesting bottled beers and a beautiful assortment of gelato.

    Will report again in a few weeks.

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      We waited so long for this place to open. We went the first Saturday night around 7:00, they had run out of dough. That is fine, we gave it another try later during the week. We got take out. The dough was fine, but the pizza was so sparce. A thin, thin layer of sauce, hardly any cheese and a few pieces of the topping we ordered. Being right down the street from The Place they really have to up their bar! The Place is very good and very consistant. The owner seems nice, I wish them luck!

      1. re: Joltingjoey

        Many thanks for the corrections and the feedback...I am surprised to hear they "ran out of dough:" on two is a pizza place for goodness sake. Sounds like very poor planning if you ask me! Maybe they will improve by the time I cruise through Pawcatuck...

        1. re: bostongal

          Jolting Joey and I probably went there the same night, so they probably only ran out once, in their defence. That would be great if they improved, I know they just opened. Please let us know if you have another report!

          1. re: Alica

            We went last night and had the Buffalo Chicken pizza and the Arugula & Proscuitto pizza. $15.00 each. The crust was very good. Crispy, yet chewy. The toppings were fresh and bursting with flavor, we particularly enjoyed the Buffalo with fresh mozzarella & gorgonzola cheeses. The Montepulciano wine we had was pretty good for the price. Hey - the place is run by young, local guys trying to feel things out - and they may have a few bumps along the road. Give 'em a chance!

            1. re: Squarepeg51

              Buffalo chicken eh? Might have to try this. I was actually planning to go to Modern for this....Westerly/Pawcatuck is also closer.

              1. re: no0b

                Modern makes a buffalo chicken pizza?i cant believe it....

                1. re: im hungry

                  Ha. Sorry. It was Zuppardi's Apizza. Oops.
                  I heard it was good..but only from 2 people.

              2. re: Squarepeg51

                I guess the thing is The Place in Westerly is right down the street and we find them to be a great pizza place. If we are in the mood for pizza I would go there. Both Apizzo and The Place are definately more expensive that your average pizza place, I'd love to support a local place but they have to serve a good product. It was about $30.00 for 2 pizzas at Apizzo and we were very disappointed, would I do that again, probably not.

                1. re: Alica

                  I went to Apizzo once so far, not impressed, would never compare it to Pepe's or Modern, i would drive from here in westerly to either one of those places before i would ever crave Apizzo. Pizza's are to small and to expensive, I will probably go back, only because I live here.

                  1. re: lexyboo

                    I know Pepe's is in New Haven but where is Modern?

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          1. I ADORE Pepes. Pepe's is light-years better than this place. First, there is a "two to three topping limit" Ok, no problem. So, tonight I ordered a Mozzarella Pizza with Basil and caramelized onions ... Well, the cheese was hardly melted, the crust was brunt, the thickly sliced onions were not remotely caramelized, and the 5 leaves of basil (whole, unchopped) really didn't add much flavor but cost $1.50 to add as a topping. If you enjoy your barely cooked cheese falling off your pizza before it makes it to your plate, then you might enjoy this place. There are much, much better pizza places in the Westerly/Pawcatuck area.

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