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Jan 2, 2009 08:04 AM

Holley Knives—What Happened?

Holly Knives, the "World's Largest Mail Order Knife Sharpening Service," seems to have gone out of business. They were so fantastic, say it ain't so!

Does anyone know the story behind this? It saddens me. Their website is down, their phone number is disconnected, their emails bounce.

And, where do I turn to now for quality mail order sharpening? Any recommendations from personal experience?


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    1. I had never gotten my knives sharpened there, but bookmarked their site to purchase their knife set (I had to save for it). I finally had enough, tried to go back to purchase and it was gone.....does anyone have the list of knives they suggest in their suggested knife set? I would really appreciate it.

      1. I use Truhone makes and sells commercial sharpening machines (high dollar) and resharpens for food service firms.

        Fast turnaround (1 day) and they can totally reshape chipped or damaged blades.
        About $5 a blade. I had my Henkels set resharpened and they were never that sharp when new.