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Jan 2, 2009 06:23 AM

Brunch in Coolidge Corner area?

Subject line more or less asks the question. A quick search of the boards has yielded two solid leads, Zaftigs and Rubins for hideously overstuffed deli sandwiches. However, none of the posts in the past year have specifically asked about brunch in Cooldige Corner (rather brunch in Brookline, food in Coolidge Corner, etc). What are your thoughts for a good place within walking distance of the movie theater?

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  1. Chef Jeremy Sewall over at Lineage on Harvard does a good job at brunch. Especially the breakfast breads.

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      I second Lineage and the breakfast breads. The few times I have been on a Sunday morning, there was no wait (unlike Zaftig's, where the wait can be over an hour).

      Lineage Restaurant
      242 Harvard St, Brookline, MA 02446

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        Hmm. Looks like I need to add one more criterion. This is brunch before a movie which starts at 11 am at the theater. Unfortunately, Lineage doesn't open for brunch before 10:30. So, any early morning brunch options in the neighborhood?

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          In other words ... breakfast?

          Athan's Bakery in Washington Square has limited options.

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            Brookline Family Restaurant in the village has egg, home fries type of breakfast..Japonaise Bakery has good coffee and really good ham and cheese croissants.

      2. Forget Rubin's unless you need to stay kosher (which you apparently don't). Their food is overpriced and underflavored. In fact if all you want is a "hideously overstuffed" sandwich skip Zaftig's too and go straight to Michael's. Better meat by far than either of the above, and a bigger sandwich as well. Very few tables though, no atmosphere, and not many options beyond deli sandwiches, deli salads, and knishes.

        1. Honestly, a not-so-terrible option (that's a rave, huh?) for walking distance to the theater, and serving before 10:30 is the Holiday Inn on the corner of St. Paul and Beacon. A decent breakfast buffet, made-to-order omelets and belgian waffles, and, i believe, less than $15 a person. Oh, and i've never had to wait for a table, as can be the case with the others mentioned.

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            I do like Zaftig's breakfast though you can't count on getting in on a Sunday morning and it is overpriced. If you don't want a full breakfast, Panera's is an option. Coffee is ok, you can usually get a table, and they'll toast the demi baguettes (the multi seed demi is pretty good) for you.

          2. I am always an advocate of Paris Crepes on Harvard for a quick brunch. They have a wide variety as long as you want something encased in a crepe :)
            They can sometimes be pretty packed though, with a narrow sardine-esque space.

            1. If you go earlier to Zaftig's you have a better chance of getting seated promptly. My two favorite items are not sandwiches, although I do like their corned beef, hideously overstuffed though it may be. My go-to brunch favorites there are the banana stuffed french toast- made with challah bread and smothered in a bourbon vanilla sauce with real maple syrup. For a more savory option, the eggs benedict with smoked salmon over latkes are a real indulgence.