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Jan 2, 2009 06:20 AM

Natural Casing Hot Dogs in CLT?

I am on the hunt for some decent natural casing beef hot dogs. While camping in upstate NY this summer, I bought a package of locally made dogs and any hot dog since has been a huge disappointment. The only ideas I've found through some light online research is to find a shop that sells Boar's Head hot dogs. Any other ideas?

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  1. Pretty sure I've seen the Boar's Head hot dogs at Lowe's foods...You might also try Fresh Market.

    1. Grateful Growers hot dogs are amazingly delicious. 'Course they aren't beef dogs, but man are they good. Probably the best hot dog I've ever had. They don't always have them available but I'd email Natalie and inquire. They may be able to have a pack for you at Matthews Farmers market tomorrow (I think it's an "on" winter week). I'm fairly certain they are natural casing dogs too.

      FYI, my sister in PA says she gets natural casing beef dogs at Sam's Club. You could check there if GG is out.

      1. Go to Katz NY Deli in the Arboretum Office Park. Katz has Hebrew National Hot Dogs with the natural casing. The Hebrew National Dogs with casing are not available at the supermarket. The dogs at the supermarket don't have the natural casing and they are just not the same. The natural casings add that special snap that you are looking for.
        I know where you are coming from, once you munch one of these baby's its hard to go back.

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        1. re: GodfatherofLunch

          Thanks, GFL, I was intedning to buy some to have at home.

          I looked around online and had to break down and mailorder some hotdogs from Buffalo, NY. Turns out that natural casing hot dogs are not to be found in the South. Most Southerners didn;t even know there was such a thing (my dh and I didn't). We had never had a natual casing hot dog until we'd gone to Nathan's on Coney Island. We thought it was the cooking technique that was different until last summer when we bought the dogs ourselves and realized it's the casing that causes the snap. I'll have a freezerfull of these snappy little sweeties by the end of the week!

          1. re: littlegirltree

            Too bad you ordered online. Next time just go to Katz and ask to buy some Hot Dogs to take home and cook your self. Trust me you wont be the first person to do that. By the way charcoal adds a special something.
            Snap and smoke !!!! Yeah Baby !!!! That's what I'm talikin bout.

        2. I grew up in the Fairfield, CT area and was totally spoiled by the "real" hotdogs available there. The two big brands there were Roesllers and Hummels. here are some adequate choices in Charlotte:

          The D&W natural casing dogs at Harris Teeter are good. They just don't seem to "plump up" when grilled. The other option is Thumans hot dogs. Last time I was in BJ's they sold Thurmann's but that was a few year ago. You'll need to purchase a 5 lb. box but they freeze very well.

          The local supplier of Thumann's products in Charlotte is PatCo. They may only sell to the trade but maybe if you ask nicely and pay sales tax they will sell them retail. Also, if you find a deli that sells THurmann's (Picadeli's in Matthews?) maybe they can order you a box. Make sure you are specific with your order. Thumann's makes about a dozen style hot dogs from boring kind you boil, they type to deep fry, and the natural casing dogs which are designed to grill.

          If you find them, I suggest notching a "X" at the end of each dog and a few cuts across the length of the dod and then grilling them.

          let us know how it turns our and PLEASE don't put yellow mustard on these dogs. IMHO, no one over 7 years old should ever eat yellow mustard :)

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            1. re: BDM1

              I'm well over 7 yrs old and still eat yellow mustard. In addition to creole mustard, Dijon mustard, spicy brown mustard...

              Different strokes for different folks.

              1. re: BDM1

                Thanks for the cooking tips - I've only cooked these once and that was over a campfire. And I will definetely be checking out Picadeli's within the next week- thanks for the tip!

                BTW, I ended up buying Sahlen's natural sheep casing hot-dogs and Weber's horseradish mustard. Lost of raves online about this brand - we'll see!

              2. While we're on the topic of hot dogs, has anyone seen a place in Charlotte where one can buy "white hots?" I've only seen white hots in upstate New York and I get them at the store whenever I'm up there. I don't know if there is a more official name for them other than "white hots," but they are thick, white hot dogs that have a real kick to them and again, can be found in upstate New York.

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                1. re: ickymettle

                  You'd really think w/ all us northern transplants in CLT you could find this stuff in town! Here's a mailorder resource in case there's nothing local (I might order some of these in the next few weeks myself!).


                  1. re: littlegirltree

                    speaking of which, I love Zweigles, the other decent white hot is Hoffman's from the syracuse area. I would like to find out how many on here have ever had "Salt potatoes"? There is nothing better than some white hots, salt potatoes and a few libations.