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Jan 2, 2009 05:55 AM

Dinner near Georgetown movie theater?

I'm sure you guys are pretty sick of giving me recs to places near practically every movie theater in the metro area, but we've never been to this one and are going tonight. what is good near here? we are adventurous eaters, the only limitation really is price, we aren't looking to spend a ton of money.

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  1. pizzeria paradiso is good.

    1. I'm not sure what the definition of a "ton of money" is but my recommendation would be Hook but if you are on a budget try the wallet-friendly Tackle Box.

      Other places to check out would be Bistro Francais (depending on what time you are going you can get their early bird or late bird special), Pizza Paradisio, or Bangkok Joes.

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        Bistro Francais specials are a good deal. It's a pretty space with nice service too.

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          I second the Bangkok Joe's recommendation.

        2. If you don't want to walk up and down the hill you can go to Agraria in the harbour? I haven't been in a while, and while it isn't really adventurous, it isn't too bad price wise and they do some things well, they tend to have simple fresh foods. The veggies are always fresh they normaly use seasonal ingredients and their food tends to be comforting on cold nights.

          1. We got a decent burger before a movie at Rugby Cafe on Wisconsin south of M St. It is more like a pub but food is not expensive.

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              I love the masala dosa at Amma Vegetarian Kitchen. I would also highly recommend Tackle Box. These two places on M St. are among the greatest bangs for the buck in DC. A third choice would be Quick Pita on Potomac, just off M (and right across the street from Georgetown Cupcake).

            2. thanks guys! we went to pizzeria paradiso and had a really great experience. the pizza was so much better than i expected it to be — for me, great pizza is all about the sauce, and their sauce was delightful. the only thing i didn't like was when we requested ranch dressing as dip for our crusts (however trashy it may be, crust is too bland on its own and ranch is a nice zippy addition) our waitress got a very snotty attitude in informing us, "oh, no, we do not carry ranch dressing here." was very impressed with the beer list, also, i will definitely come back.