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Jan 2, 2009 05:18 AM

Need help planning! group dinner recs

Happy 2009.
We are staying at the Admiral Fell in for my husbands 45th. I need a recommendation for a place to eat dinner that would be good for a mid-priced meal, casual atmosphere but also would accomodate a table for 8 or 12.

Hoping for input at this juncture.

The goal, friends to join us (don't know how many yet) as a surprise. So this could be a seated dinner or at a bar but with space to eat and drink and hang out.

I believe the first night we will play in Fells Point and have pizza at BOP and then play some more...

The next day we may shop for food @ Trinacria and Lexington Market, water taxi around BMA maybe Visionary Art Museum and kind of keep the day open---any suggestions there.

So for Saturday night, the birthday night, I was thinkin' Brewers Art. We've never been there and sounds perfect.

However...I defer to you guys for suggestions on how to make a yummy, relaxed weekend for we old folk. ; )

As a scale we lean towards Bicycle over Leadbedders. We recently gave Golden West a try when we went to see the lights and I really liked the atmosphere there.

thanks thanks thanks

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  1. On Saturday you might want to start with breakfast at Jimmy's or Blue Moon. Lexington Market also has breakfast options depending on what time you get there.

    Brewers Art could be a perfect place for dinner alone and then friends meeting you afterward, but it does get crazy crowded. So if you're eating dinner in the fancy dining room and then trying to find room for 8-12 people to sit in the bar, that's probably not going to happen. But if you eat dinner as a group in the bar area that would work.

    I wouldn't consider Bicycle mid-priced, but if you're inclined that way, I would also suggest Ixia, which could definitely accommodate a group that large and has a very nice lounge area as well.

    Other options could be Pazo, Cinghiale or Lebanese Taverna, all of which would be much closer to your hotel and fit your criteria.

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      Thanks for the breakfast ideas too. Initially I wanted to do everything in Fells Point so we could park the car all weekend and walk everywhere so thanks for the recs for the closer Fells Point places.
      thanks again