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Jan 2, 2009 05:17 AM


Went to Cuvee, it looked nice with its exposed brick walls and high ceilings. But the food was disappointing. I always think of NOLA as having great food , Cuvee would be good if it were in Des Moines, or Salt Lake CIty, but not for New Orleans. In New York it would probably get a 20 by zagat ratings. The foie gras was OK, just OK. The oyster pot pie , was good, it wasnt exciting but it was different at least. The restaurant had a smell of bad fish when I walked in,that's always a turnoff. I did order fish , however, the salmon had a nut crust and was cooked to perfection, but the taste was bland. The side order of risotto came when I was almost done with my meal and the size of it was really small. The bbq mussels, had a taste of unfresh mussels,and they should change the name of that dish , as it didnt resemble any sort of bbq. It was in a tasty broth but nothing reminiscent of bbq. Nothing on the desert list sounded good, so I tried the molten chocolate cake which was good, the cherries were too brandied for me but I ate them anyway,. The coffee was good. The restaurant in general did not meet my expectations at all.

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  1. what version of bbq were you expecting?

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    1. re: edible complex

      when I hear bbq oysters i figured they were made on a grill perhaps with some sort of bbq sauce , not floating in a tastelss liquid.

      1. re: foodwhisperer

        perhaps their BBQ mussels was a version similar to BBQ shrimp, which has nothing to do with BBQ sauce, but are cooked with butter, garlic, creole seasonings. many restaurants in NOLA serve BBQ shrimp and are well known for their versions.

        but I'm now confused, you first posted that they were in a 'tasty broth" and now they're "tasteless"?

        1. re: foodwhisperer

          Was it tasteless or a tasty? Cause you said both in two different posts. FWIW, the sauce in bbq shrimp does not resemble bbq sauce at all. I've never had Cuvee's mussels but they probably used a bbq shrimp style sauce.

      2. Hmm, why on earth would you order fish if you smelled "bad fish" as you walked into a restaurant?

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          The restaurant is supposed to be good, the fish should be good and new orleans is noted for great fish i.e. redfish, drum etc In anycase i did have great blackened drum at K Pauls. The fish at Galatoires , a redfish amondine, was pretty tasteless. The catfish at Deanies was great. I'll always order fish , unless i go to a steakhouse

        2. Why, why, why order fish? Glad the coffee was good.

          1. wow, im surprised. friends & i had the tasting menu there a couple of months ago and thought it was excellent.

            inversely, i tried the tasting menu at commander's last week and found it lackluster.

            guess a restaurant just cant win ;)

            1. It's hard to judge a restaurant by one visit though a lackluster meal hardly inspires another try. Hopefully an establishment with Cuvee's reputation will always put out fine meals. Since you said your fish was perfectly prepared, perhaps it's jusr a matter of persoanl taste sesoning wise. It also seems that you are unfamiliar with NOLA bbq sauce and had a totally different expectation. Perhaps you chose poorly. I have experienced less than stellar preparations while my husband's meal was fabulous . One of those "I wish I'd ordered that" situations. Should you return, try the pork cheek app. or the spicy shrimp remoulade napoleon. The hazelnut bombe is also quite good. Definitely avoid the chicken and waffles.