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Jan 2, 2009 05:17 AM

Visiting Orlando, Jan 8-11

Good morning Florida! I'm writing from cold and snowy Toronto, Canada. To escape winter We've booked a trip to Florida for the first week of January. I've been offered a place to stay by other folks from Canada who will also be there. As a thank you we would like to take them out to supper and we are hoping to get the inside scoop on dining in the Orlando area. We are devoted foodies and are easy to please. He is pretty picky - the salad and grilled meat type - she is a lover of seafood I believe. So, can anyone please recomend a place that we could go with a good seafood selection but also with decent, healthy non-sea options? We will be staying near Disney and we will have a car. We are also thinking about visiting the Space Centre so options out that way would be appreciated as well!

Thanks Florida!!

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  1. FishBones on Sand Lake Road might be right up your alley - great fresh seafood and aged beef...

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      Not related to food but be aware - Sunday morning Jan 11 is the Walt Disney World Marathon road race. That means roads in the immediate area near Epcot will be closed at times from appx midnight Saturday until late Sunday morning. All parks are open as usual and this is NOT a big deal, just something to be aware of. It also means there will be about 40,000 people in town on Saturday evening most of them looking for Italian food (pasta) early Saturday evening around 6pm - again, the town is used to handling tons of people so this will probably only be noticable if you go out to an Italian chain (Macaroni Grill, Olive Garden) around 6 or 7 PM Saturday.