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Jan 2, 2009 05:03 AM

Any great + fast dinner options driving N out of PHL?

We're flying in 8p range, driving home (twds Jersey Tpk northbound) w/ two kids.

Part of me wants to try Osteria -- somewhat off route, I know -- but I assume it's chronically crowded Fri night (?). Kids could normally handle but after a half-day of travel a possibly/probably risky scheme.

So as a more likely fallback option -- is there a great cheesesteak or other fastish food on our route? Thanks for any help.

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  1. If you're going from the airport to the NJ turnpike, pretty much the entire city is 'off route'. I'd stop by Tony Luke's for a roast pork sandwich, it's right near exit 19 off I-95, so you can take the highway from the airport. When you're done, the entrance to the Walt Whitman bridge is right there.

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      Thanks for tip. I would venture further off route for something delicious but I've never been to Tony Luke's so this is perfect....

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          Roast pork Italian tremendous. I liked cheesesteak at least as well. Great pickled peppers.

          We are looking for a reason to get back there. Worth at least a 30 min detour...

    2. i would try bistro juliana on cumberland off of aramingo. it can get busy sometimes and there really isn't a place to wait, but the food is very good (same owners as raddicchio, not as good, but cheaper and definitely satisfying) and children shouldn't be a problem. it is a byo so you know...