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Jan 2, 2009 04:04 AM

Rosetta's Kitchen - where did I go wrong?

Finally tried Rosetta's in Asheville the other day and was very disappointed. I'm not a vegetarian, but generally enjoy veggie meals. I ordered the "voted best in Asheville" veggie burger and the special pea soup of the day. The burger was just okay (actually kind of dry and boring) and the soup was good, but so thick you could stand up your spoon in it. If I go back, what are your favorites to try next time?

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  1. sorry you didn't enjoy it. My favorites are the sweet potato fries (made fresh after you order them) and the peanut butter tofu. Yes, I know that sounds like a really unhealthy (or at least fattening...which is unhealthy in itself) meal, but alas, I find that vegetarian food is often higher fat that what I would normally eat.

    They also have good beer, and I think I recall liking the bbq tempeh.

    The last time I had a salad at Rosettas, the greens were skunky and I did not care for the sauted kale I got there.

    Good luck if you try it again.

    1. Try the family favorite! That and the avalanche...the phad thai..I like the burger with veganaise...try it again - sounds like you were there on an off day.

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        PB tofu is awesome. I think the family favorite is that plus the mashed potatoes with some of the best gravy I've ever had (and it's vegan) plus sauteed kale. It's great.

      2. I am not a vegetarian, but i love Rosetta's mac n cheese and their smashed potatoes with vegan gravy... both are VERY rich, but delicious!