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Where to get deep fried Mars bars in Toronto?

Does anyone know places that serve deep fried Mars bars? There seems to be a couple of comments here and there about it, but not an actual topic based on it so I was hoping to get a list going. So share your locations please, unless it's at Exhibition Place (because I want year round places)!

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  1. I definitely know a place, but it's in Mississauga. The fish & chips place at Tomken & Eglinton, right beside Nick's Pita (the place is called Traditional Style I think)

    they definitely 100% have it in big letters on their chalkboard menu

    1. Duke of Gloucester.
      Shopsy's has one but I remember it not being "authentic" as it was coated in granola or something.

      1. C'est Bon Chinese restaurant on Yonge St. serves them, strangely enough. I've never had them there, nor do I care for the food there, but you might want to consider it.

        1. Dangerous Dan's - NE corner of Broadview and Queen (across from the Real Jerk, which should never have moved from Queen & Greenwood).


          It's an eccentric place.

          1. Last I checked, St. Andrew's Fish and Chips in Scarborough does them.

            St. Andrews Fish and Chips
            1589 Ellesmere Rd, Toronto, ON M1P2Y3, CA

            1. There is a place on Kingston Rd, just west of McCowan in Scarborough called Big Boys Burgers. He used to do them (not sure if he still does though) And i know that he just opened another one in Pickering at Hwy 2 and Whites in the plaza with the liquor store.

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                Big Boys Burgers in Pickering has them on the menu. I didn't try them, but a couple of fifteen year old girls convinced their dad to try them. It went into a batter mix and then was deep fried in the same fat as the french fries. No idea as to the taste.

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                  I tried theirs in pickering (technically scarborough) and I loved it!! They put it on a stick, and it has a bit of a dense batter which is nice, SO thought it was a bit greasy but I didn't see that.

                  Tried the one from Irish times near the go station, and it was nice too, served on a plate with ice cream and whipped cream, the batter was lighter and more of the fish/chips type of english batter, both different, but both good in my opinion.

                2. Absolutely St. Andrew's deep fried Mars bars... with ice cream.

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                    Brazen Head, the pub in liberty village has them on their menu

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                      And if you're at St Andrews around Easter, they also have a deep fried easter creme egg. It's disgustingly awesome.

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                        OH MY! A deep fried creme egg sounds epic!

                    2. Cloak and Dagger on College street used to. Not sure if they still do but I would think so.

                      1. If you don't mind a trip to the East End- in Pickering there is a place called The Irish Times, its right beside the Go station- they have simply the best, and while you are there have a bowl of the best beef stew anywhere!

                        1. Roxy's in Oakville frys these up fresh and also offers deep fried Oreos. It is an independent burger restaurant with home cut fries & delicious onion rings as well. Definitely not food that goes along with my New Year's resolutions! They are located close to the Mississauga/403 exit - 380 Dundas Street East. Hope this helps!

                          1. Adding Rose & Crown to the list.

                            1. I tried the deep fried MB at the Duke of Gloucester the other day! I thought it was so good. It was served with two scoops of vanilla ice cream too. I don't know if that's normal or if it was because it was obviously going to be shared between two people.

                              Today I'll be going to the Cloak & Dagger. I'm tempted to try the DFMB there too, but I think twice in one week is not a good idea.

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                                Maybe not but it's easier for the purpose of comparison. I think you should do it.

                              2. When I was in Toronto a couple of years ago. I had a DFMB at Chippys on Bloor near Bathurst.

                                1. Disgraceland on Bloor just east of Dovercourt (965 Bloor) has just recently started testing them out for dessert. Served with ice cream, of course!

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                                    That is a great name for a place, I love it.

                                    I've never heard of them. A place called Disgraceland that serves deep fried Mars... Hmm, just might have to check this out, hopefully they sell and stick around. Thanks!

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                                      They will, they have a pretty steady crowd it seems, kinda like a Sneaky Dees type pubby type place but for a bit older crowd...i'm a big fan.
                                      All the food is really good - even the grilled peanut butter and banana sandwich with bacon : P

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                                          Disgraceland is run by Shawn Macdonald who DJ'd at the Dance Cave for years. Not sure if that means anything to you but it might give you a sense of what it's like in there.

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                                            I guess I can somewhat sense what type of a place it is, just by the name alone. Never went to Dance Cave. But thanks for the info. Interesting…

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                                          Disgraceland is also very veg friendly. Favourites are the vegan ceaser salad, fries with vegan gravy and tofu sandwhich. My veg friends also speak highly of the mac and cheese and the brunch. All around good bar food. Still had the deep fried mars bar when i last went-but that was months ago.

                                    2. Olde York Fish & Chips on Laird has it as a special sometimes. If you don't see it listed just ask. It's served with ice cream.


                                      1. Hi, hope you find a good deep fried Mars bar and enjoy but I also hope you realise they are largely a tourist gimmick. I'm from Edinburgh and the only chippys that sell them are the ones in tourist areas.

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                                          Kind Henry's S Arms @ yonge and 16th Avenue on the Northeast corner in a small plaza with McDonalds and Lonestar serves them.......

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                                            I live in Richmond Hill - I had no idea I could get them so close by...will definitely visit King Henry's Arms!

                                        2. Had a deep fried mars bar at The Roy on Queen street in Leslieville last night. They serve theirs with Guiness ice cream.. Pretty darn good!! But then, how could there be a bad one?

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                                            Mmm Guinness ice cream! Do you think it's from Ed's? That's the only time I've ever tried that.