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Bossa Nova WLA-ridiculously bad

While I am sometimes surprised by the mediocrity of some places popular on CH, I guess my standards were just out of alignment.

Cheesy bread puffs were undercooked.

My salad's dressing was poured on top instead of tossed. My sandwich's BBQ sauce was too sweet (I will allow that BBQ sauce has many variations, but I think it would have been better with a little tanginess.)

My boyfriend's mushroom sauce on his steak was oversalted, and the mushrooms were undercooked. Mashed potatoes were uninspired. His grilled vegetables were probably the best thing we had. Actually, he did not even get the dish that he ordered, but that was not too big of a deal.

Anyone have any suggestions for that area of Pico? (I often eat at Jaipur, the Indian restaurant near Pico/Westwood.)

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  1. This is no surprise.Bossa Nova is the Brazilian Micky D's.A friend who went to Brazil with me recently said the coxinhas were good and the only ones with the size we are used to in Brazil, but I havn't gone recently.It was years ago that I went to BN, long before going to Brazil.It is a fast food place and open late, not a bad option after hours to meet friends after a night on the strip, but your instincts are correct.

    There are many options in the area of course, what are ya lookin' for?

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        John O Groats just east on Pico has nice eggs and awesome biscuits.

    1. I really like their chicken breast skewers and vegetable skewers too. I also find their desserts pretty delectable. They have a huge piece of chocolate cake and their carrot cake is great too. I doubt they make the desserts, but they have found a really good source for them and they don't cheat you for the price, that's for sure.

      1. The menu can be very hit and miss, but the hits are worth trying again. I recommend the chicken lasagna, which is actually quite delicious. Whenever I order their ceasar salad, it comes with dressing on the side, so you might try that.

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          Unfortunately, my most recent order of chicken lasagna was burned to a crisp -- I'm talking black on top. I hope this isn't a sign of a downhill slide...

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            Wow. There's no excuse. It's not difficult to tell when something is burned.

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              Yes, there was no ambiguity -- it was black. Still, I've ordered delivery almost weekly for some time and this is the first anything like this has happened.

        2. Yeah, I tried it recently for the first time, and was underwhelmed (I had the pizza and SO had some pasta), but I really loved the coxinhas. They were delicious.

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            The coxinhas are the thing to get, for sure. My meal of choice is a salad, the vegan soup, and a coxinha.

          2. I went to the WLA Bossa Nova a few days ago and had the pork chops.

            To tell the truth I really liked my dish a lot. Mashed potatoes and spinish sides with a lot of onions. The sause was good. Big portion for 13.99

            My freind had the chicken breasts with fries, rice and beans and like them a lot as well.

            The place was packed with a line of people waiting to get in when we left, so manybe this is sort of like a Cheesecake thing. Lots of people like it, but not high on CH?

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              Went the other day as well. Coxinha's and Cheese Breads EXCELLENT. I wish it was 100% Brasilian. Their italian food doesn't really work for me....

            2. That's interesting...I always have great food here. But then again I go to the one off sunset.

              1. I think their food is pretty good and the prices are reasonable for what you get compared to most places around town.

                1. Bossa Nova is very hit and miss, I'm not sure why they have such an extensive menu. The Coxinha is excellent, just like in Brasil. The Pao de Queso is not like what I had all over Brasil, I was greatly disappointed with that. I had the skirt steak sandwich and I thougth they did a great job with the meat. We also had the wild mushroom pizza, and while we thought it was tasty, again, we were unsure why the menu was so all over the world. It's hard to tell what to order when the menu is so broad.

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                    Def hit or miss. Usually miss. I have ordered delivery from them when I have no desire to venture out into the world. Expensive for what it is, takes FOREVER to get delivered (1 hour ++) and it may or may not be hot when it arrives, and it may or may not be the right order. It's like streetgourmetla said, Micky D's of Brazil. Nothing special, something you order just because it is convienient and they are one of the only places that delivers pretty late. They have horrible phone manners.

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                      Most people arent aware of the advancements of internet marketing and advertising

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                        Hey Debra,the menu at Bossa Nova is actually very typical for the chains in Brazil like Viena and Galeto's.There are so many Brazilians of Italian descent, especially in Sao Paulo, that Italian food is quite common in all types of Brazilian restaurants, just as "Mexican" food can be ordered at Denny's(quesadillas).Pizza(so good in Brazil),pastas, sanwiches, Brazilian bar foods and savories, grilled meats,and a variety of salads is pretty standard.They've copied a restaurant model from Brazil, very much like our Chili's.Fast food in a suburban family setting.

                        Many of the upscale restaurants in Sao Paulo are Italian, but they have real Italian food at those places.The chains Viena, and Galeto's actually aren't bad at all, Viena is better.
                        The Portuguesa and calabresa pizzas at Bossa are typical Brazilian pizzas, too bad BN can't pull it off.

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                          You had me at Chili's ; ) I didn't look at it from the Chili's model angle. Yikes. Thanks for the clarification.

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                            Come on now, it's better than Chili's.

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                              I don't think the comparison is meant to compare the food to Chili's -- just that the menu models for both (and like many others) are similar.

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                                  Yea... every restaurant should be like cheesecake and chilis. Mediocre and massive menus. There is something to be said for doing one thing and doing it well.

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                                    Thanks for the clarification debra and streetgourmet -- that makes a lot of sense.

                        2. I went to the Bossa Nova on Sunset based on recommendations from this board. I enjoyed the plantains but I thought my sandwich (Carla's Vegetarian Special) was fairly tasteless. Also those metal chairs were hard to sit on after a while!

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                            It's a good value for what you get , maybe it's not good as some places but the portions are large and they give you rice,beans and plantains , where can you get Salmon with those sides for $13.50? ..New York Steak w/sides for $18? I don't see too many restaurants serving that with the same quality.

                            If there are I'd like to hear of some.

                          2. Go to the Sunset location and order coxinha to start and a tuna pizza! The Robertson location has a limited menu.