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Jan 1, 2009 07:27 PM

Looking for a quiet upscale lunch spot in the Sherman Oaks Studio City Area

I am flying in to take my elderly uncle out for lunch (a quiet place) where we can talk and enjoy good food. Any suggestions are appreciated.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I love Spumoni for homestyle Italian, but it is not upscale. It also can get a little because it is so small and has the open kitchen.

      In addition to Pinot Bistro (a definite in terms of upscale and quiet), I would recommend Cafe Bizou in Sherman Oaks. The food is very consistent and it is my standby for meals with elderly relatives.

      A few other options, though I have not been in awhile, are Stanleys, Cafe Cordiale and Rive Gauche. Maybe someone with more recent perspective can comment on those restaurants.

      I would urge caution about Max. The food is great and the restaurant upscale, but it can get noisy at times. I can't speak to Mistral, since I've never been there.

    2. I have two suggestions. THE BISTRO GARDEN and PINOT BISTRO are both nice places for lunch. Pinot Bistro probably has better food (I haven't been to Bistro Garden in years), but Bistro Garden is one of the most beautiful restaurants in the valley. Another place that gets great reviews, but I have never been, is MAX.

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            The OP wants a "quiet" place. Mistral is not quiet, at least at dinner. In fact it's very loud. Can't speak to lunch. However it would be my first choice if I was choosing between it and Max.

            Also, the Oyster House is hardly "upscale."

            1. re: Debbie W

              I recently had lunch with my attorney at MIstral and we were able to have a discreet conversation with out distractions. Wasn't loud at all.

      1. Max is open for lunch now.....and it is very good. On Ventura in Studio City.
        Pinot Bistro is nice...but the food at the Bistro Garden has gotten pretty bad.

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        1. re: perk

          i second perk's recommendation of MAX

          1. re: perk

            If Max is, indeed, open at lunctime, then I also rec it.