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Jan 1, 2009 06:55 PM

restaurants in Vegas - where to go to eat at the bar?

A friend and I are spending a weekend in Vegas in February, staying at the Palazzo. We'd like to try a couple of really good restaurants, but prefer to eat at the bar and have a couple of starters or maybe split an entree and dessert rather than eat a full meal. What restaurants are best for our style of eating? Not too interested in steak, but other than that we are pretty open to any type of cuisine.

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  1. FWIW, Table 10 right there in the Palazzo had two great barmen when we were out there last week, and folks were doing just the kind of eating you are envisioning.

    I'm sure there are many other places - you might look at tapas at Firefly or Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba for instance - but when you mentioned Palazzo, Emeril's Table 10 jumped to mind because the bar guys were so great and that food would adapt well to what you are seeking.

    1. We just returned from a visit to Vegas. We bought tkts to Jersey Boys at the Palazzo and received coupons for a free drink at one of their bars - Lavo. Had we had another night, we would definitely have returned for dinner - at the bar or at the tables. They had an intriguing menu of small plates and things to share, like a nice-looking paella. Since you're going to be there, I'd say it's worth a look.

      1. StripSteak is good for that. I think there's a thread on your same topic from about 6 months ago or so, if you feel like looking for it.

        1. Bouchon. Right next door at the Venetian. Oysters and all.

          1. I have just been going through the venues in my mind, and between the Palazzo and the Venetian, I am not sure that there is a single restaurant that does not have a decent bar area. That gives you a chance to casually do a grazing evening across several restaurants, which provides a way to try a lot of different combinations.