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Jan 1, 2009 06:42 PM

Dinner and Breakfast Options in Tucker, GA

Later this month I will be in Tucker, GA for a few days of business meetings. I will have the opportunity for two breakfasts and two dinners with a few of my associates. Looking for good, non-chain if possible, options in the Tucker area. I have a car, and all cuisines are fine. No issues with $$$. Any hidden local gems that would be worth visiting?

Your recommendations would be greatly appreciated.



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  1. Matthews Cafeteria, downtown on Main Street, has tasty cafeteria style food: see their website - a favorite of mine for a quick, filling breakfast of scrambled eggs, meat, grits, biscuits with butter or gravy ladled on them. I think you can get pancackes and fried eggs cooked to order but I always get the scambled eggs that are served from the constantly refilled hot plate . Good southern style meat and veggie lunches or dinners

    Taquerian Los Hermanos is a different kind of Mexican Restaurant - not the usual Mexican menu - excellent food in a small casual restaurant 4418 Hugh Howell Rd, Tucker, GA in a strip shopping center. You'll find a lot of reviews of these spots on various web sites.

    1. JHLI is right on the money with his recommendations. The only thing I can offer in addition would be the Old Hickory House at 2202 Northlake Pkwy for breakfast. OHH is the haunt of a large number of local regulars. I rarely sit-in to eat, but you can. For my tastes, it's hard to beat their sausage biscuits and their country ham biscuits. I usually grab one of each to go.

      1. I second Taqueria los Hermanos. I used to work in Tucker and we ate there almost daily because it was so good. If they have the tamales special, they're great. Also recommend the marisco burrito with crawfish.

        1. L'Thai is an organic Thai restaurant that is very good.
          I love Taqueria de los Hermanos. It is my favorite mexican restaurant. But do try their specials they are outstanding.
          If you go over to Northlake Mall area there is the Blue Ribbon Grill. It has been around forever and the food and the service are why. You will feel like a regular on your first visit. it is really good.
          Bambanelli's is over that way too. It is good Italian food. Like comfort Italian.
          (oh and Matthew's cafeteria is excellent for southern cooking)
          Hope you have a great visit!

          1. I highly recommend all the previous spots mentioned. Matthews is a Tucker landmark and they open at 4am for breakfast , Taqueria los Hermanos is far from your run of mill mexican, Old Hickory House is an Atlanta institution, Bambenelli's has been in the same tucked away little spot for at least 25 years & Blue Ribbon Grill is known for their meatloaf & chicken pot pie in addition to their killer martinis. Kim & Jill at 'The Blue' are two of the best bartenders ever - go on a Wed through Fri night to catch them together.

            I would also recommend what I consider to be the best pizza in all of the greater metro area - Shortys Pizza. Shorty's offers gourmet brick oven pizzas and cedar planked salmon, in addition to many other menu choices also. Their guacamole is really good and the salads are fantastic. They are located on Lawrenceville Highway in Tucker.

            A new addition to the Tucker/Northlake area is Marlow's located in front of the Doubletree Hotel. If the weather is mild during your visit, they have a great open-air upstairs bar area and the food I have had there was pretty decent also.

            If you need a quickie lunch try Grecian Gyro. Great gyro or chicken wraps and the spanakopita is excellent.

            Obviously ... I have lived in Tucker forever. I hope you enjoy your stay!

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              These are all great suggestions!! We love L'Thai. It's a bit more expensive than other Asian restaurants, but worth it. They have a big wine list, though we don't drink so I'm not sure about their offerings. A nice place to go with a group.