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Best Place to buy King Cake??

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I will be in New Orleans during the week of Feb. 9 for business and would like to bring home a great King Cake. I live in Arlington, VA, right outside of Washington, DC, and while we have a few bakeries that make King Cakes, I don't think they compare to what I can buy in New Orleans.

Your recommendations on where to buy the best King Cake would be greatly appreciated.



DC Hound

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  1. if you are looking for a filled cake i love love love Gambinos i live in Biloxi M.S. and drive over to N.O. just to get a few i have yet to find a better cake in the area. i did have a friend bring a cake to a party a few years back that was the best i have ever had it was a doughnut cake from a place called Meche's. i think the bakery is in Lafayette. does anyone know if they sell them in N.O.?


    1. Haydel's Bakery
      order online or pick up from their store on Jeff Hwy at Gelpi on the way to the airport.

      order online or go to their Fr. Qtr. store at 701 Royal or their store on Airline at Labarre on the way to the airport.

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        I agree with these two choices. Gambino's cakes are way too sweet for my taste. I suggest ordering from Haydel's and have it shipped to you, unless it's important to present it immediately upon your arrival home. I used to work for UPS customer service, and Haydel's shipped hundreds of King Cakes everyday. I think it would be difficult to carry on an airplane.

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          I had a Rouse's plain cake last week, and I was impressed with the old-fashioned, cinnamony, yeasty flavor. It reminded me of king cakes from way-back-when, before fillings became popular. That said, it had entirely too much white fondant icing & sprinkled sugar on top....but Rouse's is so accomodating, you could probably just ask the bakery to show a little restraint with the toppings.

      2. Randazzos has the best king cakes-u can order them online too
        Also Pauls in Piccayune, Ms. have outstanding filled king cakes

        1. i think the best cakes are at Nola Cakes Bakery & Cafe. they are less sweet than all the others, and less coffee-cake like (grocery store cakes seem to be especially so). they are savory king cakes; the one i get is filled w/ goat cheese and green apple slices.


          pic & story:

          1. Haydel's in Harahan is excellent. On the Northshore, you can get great cakes at Marguerites (my spelling might be wrong) in Slidell on Gause Blvd, or the Mandeville Bake Shop in Mandeville. All of the one's on this thread are top notch.

            1. Definitely try Meche's out of Lafayette. They are donut king cakes but are just fantastic. Meche's put Krispy Kreme out of business in Lafayette! They don't have a website but just call information and get any of their locations. They ship anywhere and usually arrive in 24 hours still fresh. Lots of flavors to choose from. Bavarium Creme is one of my favorites.

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                If you're going to hunt king cakes in Lafayette, Poupart's takes the, um, cake. Best king cake I've ever had.

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                  My local supermarket carries Poupart's french bread and traditional king cakes, but they also had one yesterday called a French king cake, which appeared to be a filled pastry/croissant tart. It looked more like a king pie than a king cake. Has anyone tried these?

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                    Sounds like a galette du roi. I've had these from Boulangerie bakery and they're good. They're made with some kind of marzipan or almond paste.

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                        Not a supermarket, but Boulangerie bakery makes galette du roi.

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                          Sorry, you were asking Big Easy. I'm curious too.

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                            It's in Baton Rouge--Calvin's Bocage Market.

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                            If memory serves, (it's been over 2 years since we left Lafayette) I think it was their cream cheese. I just remember thinking, "this is the best king cake I've ever had." That's the main thing I recall.

                      2. I love Haydel's. It has been mentioned by a couple others here already. Great King Cake. I would check out their other offerings as well, especially the Cajun Kringle.

                        1. Dong Phoung Oriental Bakery is by far the best kept king cake secret in this town, its on chef menteur hwy... Check em out delicious!!! believe me when i am in a pinch i order from there for large parties (i am a local pastry chef) and they are only 10 dollars and HUGE!!!

                          1. Court of 2 sisters has King Cake, I doubt if they sell whole cakes, but I'm not sure if the question meant a whole cake or a slice or 2 or 3.

                            1. there is a place called dong Phoung oriental bakery that makes the best, hands down, no doubt, fo sho...but really, its the best, dont ask me how vietnamese are the best at making king cake?, could be the french occupation (somewhat like new orleans) but overall the best!!!

                              1. The answer everyone knows but won't say is get a time machine and go back to get a McKenzie's one. (Still makes me sad)

                                BUT...I agree, northshore go Marguerite's. In town, I'm a fan of Randazzo's. I can't stand the dry, lumpy sugared ones from Rouse's. I actually really enjoy the french style king cakes. I know LaMadeline made them and a few other french bakeries.

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                                  i Googled Randazzo's and got two different places one is Randazzo's Camellia City Bakery in Slidell and the other is Manny Randazzo king cakes on N. Hullen which one is the best? i tried to get one form Manny's last year but when i made it to the bakery it was closed.

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                                    Oh, honey, just sorting out the Randazzos bakery geneaology could fill a couple of books. Manny & his wife got a divorce,and now she's running her own bakery with a couple of partners. Plus, Nonna Randazzo's on the northshore, Randazzo's Goodchildren bakery, etc. The original Randazzo's bakery in St. Bernard was inherited by the three sons of the founder, which led to the various permutations. Here's a Times Pic story on the schism between Manny and his ex-wife Dianne: http://blog.nola.com/tpmoney/2008/12/...

                                2. Unbelievably odd as it may sound, I just heard today that the best king cakes come from Wal-Mart...can anyone attest to this? The lady who claims this is a born & raised New Orleanian & she buys her's from the one in Slidell.

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                                    The plain Wal mart cake is decent; usually has too much white fondant (aka sugar spackle) slathered on top for my taste.

                                  2. So I'm obsessed with king cakes and I've already had several this season. Here's what I can say:

                                    -The Robert's king cake is just ok.

                                    -The Party Palace king cake (which you can get at Langenstein's and other random places) is good but too much icing for my taste

                                    -Frances Bakery on Veterans (next to New Orleans Hamburger and seafood) has delicious king cakes. They are thick and moist with just the right amount of icing.

                                    -Tastee's McKenzie's king cake is not as I remembered McKenzie's to be. It looks the same but the texture is much lighter than what I recall. Some people prefer just bread with the sugar sprinkled on top.

                                    -Randazzo's is good of course. But I prefer the following:

                                    -Haydel's has an amazing cream cheese filled king cake. I could eat the entire thing.

                                    -Gambino's is also my other favorite. Their traditional plain is just right. And it's got a hint of something i can't put my finger on. Another plus is that their prices are lower than Randazzo's or Haydel's/

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                                        I had the traditional Robert's king cake. How is the Voodoo one? I heard it was good.

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                                          it's Bavarian creme filled traditional KC iced w/chocolate and topped with chopped pecans and coconut...it didn't last one day. a med. filled is $9.99 and should yield 15 slices.

                                    1. As someone said McKenzie's, in my opinion, made the best, moist and tasty King Cakes. Have tried many others mentioned and none comes close. Got one from Rouses last week and was dried out, threw most of it away. Wish I had McKenzie's recipe.

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                                        get a french brioche style king cake, that's what it started as...the gross cinnamon coffee cake with goo filling that king cakes have morphed into is GROSS. Dong Phoung is light, and Swiss on St Charles has king cakes also...