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Jan 1, 2009 06:05 PM

Recommendations - Ft. Lauderdale (Sunrise/Plantation)

Looking for any restaurant recommendations in Ft. Lauderdale in the Sunrise/Plantation area. My sister and I will be spending one night, shopping at Sawgrass Mills and have booked a hotel in Plantation. We're looking for a good local restaurant, not too expensive (mains under $20), preferably not a chain. We're open to any cuisine and we love seafood. I'm hoping to get a good slice of key lime pie too!

We will have access to a car and are willing to drive.


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  1. The best kept secret in the area is Josef's on Broward and 96th. Northern Italian. Do not expect the typical Italian fare, ie. Pizza etc. it is not on the menu. The food is great and the service superb. Make a reservation... On the other hand, it might go over the $20. A new place that might fit the bill is Bokamper's sports Bar on Pine Island and Peters. While not a chain, it is unpretentious reasonable food. Noisy, especially on Football days. Cafe Lux at Sawgrass has a decent key lime pie.

    1. what about cuban food - padrino's on university dr. iin plantation. the chuletas de puerco are my favorite (pork chops) but everything is good andnot expensive.

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          Excellent...thanks for the suggestions!