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Jan 1, 2009 06:04 PM

Is there a better combo? Mac n Cheese Pizza - Za

I just got back from Za in Arlington. I've been there several times in the past year and always enjoy it. This time I was brave enough to order the heart stopping Mac n Cheese Pizza after seeing it on someone else's table. It was the perfect comfort food for a frigid night.
The mac n cheese held it's own with bubbling cheesy topping and the pizza format made it fun to eat. My DC ordered one of the specialty pizzas with Smoked Salmon, creme fraiche, caper, red onion. Another winner.

Can anyone suggest any other "odd" combinations that work for you?

BTW - I also like the peanut butter burger at Bukowskis. I'm relieved every time I go there that its still on the menu.

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  1. Noticed that you listed La Giostra as your top meal.......we also dined there while in Florence and it was of our top ten restaurants!

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      Glad you liked it. We'll definitely go back if we make it to Florence again. I'm always worried about going back to the same place more than once though because it might not be as magical the second time around... but we did and it was!

    2. At the Cambridge St Whole Foods, they sometimes have "Big Mike's Mac & Cheese Pizza", named after one of the guys working there (it was his own concoction). Very tasty.