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Feb 11, 2004 02:32 PM

Good bakery in South Bay, Cerritos, or North OC area

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Hey guys! I live in Cerritos and I am looking for a bakery to get some awesome cake. I'd like for them to havea choice of cakes that are moist with a yummy, unique filling. An example would be chocolate cake with peanut butter filling or yellow cake with apricot or some other fruit filling. And it'd be preferable if the icing they used was the whipped cream kind that isn't so sweet or thick.

I am willing to drive 20 minutes or so to purchase!

Thanks a million!

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  1. Torrance Bakery has very good cakes. The one I used to love (before moving out of the South Bay) had a banana and berry filling. Website below.

    I also like Creative Cakeries a lot, but I don't think they meet your filling requirements.


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      oops! the cake i loved was from ramona, as described by barbix! but ... torrance bakery is very good as well. it just doesn't have that banana/strawberry cake.

    2. My all time favorite is Ramona Bakery's whipped cream banana cake--about four layers of sponge cake with alternating fillings of raspberry and orange bavarian, and in the middle, whipped cream and sliced bananas.

      Ramona Bakery
      3852 Sepulveda Boulevard
      Torrance, CA 90505
      (310) 378-8216

      1101 South Pacific Avenue
      San Pedro, CA 90731
      (310) 832-0369

      1. Try several of the excellent Chinese owned bakeries right in Cerritos/Artesia. They make amazing cakes with whipped cream frosting and a number different and tasty fillings. Really great cakes. Two names that come to mind are Honey Bakery and Diamond Bakery. Just a note though... the address (listed on SuperPages) doesn't look right, I'd call to make sure.

        If you're looking for a more western style bakery, check out Rossmoor Bakery in Seal Beach and/or Long Beach. They make excellent cakes and have numerous choices. They also do a huge business in special occasion and wedding cakes. We once had them do a custom cake that looked like a bunch of baby gift boxes like the cake that was in "Father of the Bride, part II"... it was awesome!

        Honey Bakery
        18904 Norwalk Boulevard
        Artesia, CA 90701
        (562) 924-6556

        Diamond Bakery
        17801 South Pioneer Bl
        Cerritos, CA 90703
        (562) 402-6728

        Rossmoor Bakery
        12423 Seal Beach Boulevard
        Seal Beach, CA 90740
        (562) 430-1071

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          My future daughter decided to get her wedding cake at Rossmoor Pastries where her mom and best friend were purchasing her Bridal Shower cake. She wanted to give them the business for her cake as well. I was thrilled when she asked me to join her for the cake tasting. Everything went well. They decided on a cake, a four tiered white frosted cake with red piping, 2 tiers white cake with lemon chiffon and 2 tiers marble cake with Bavarian cream. My future daughter wrote out a check for the down payment and signed the contract. Yay! Now the cake is done!
          For the Bridal Shower, her mom and best friend purchased a white 2 tiered cake with pineapple mango filling. Since the shower theme was Hawaiian, the cake also, had a lei adorning it. Rossmoor Pastries delivered it to the party site. And the shower began.
          After a few minutes, the cake icing began to bubble. It was kind of weird but oh well, what can you do? Lunch was served and the bubbles were growing, but they weren’t going to let it bother them…not a big deal. Time came to cut and serve the cake. The cake literally crumbled. It had to be scooped onto the plates, but still not going to let it ruin the afternoon. But in the back of our minds was the wedding a cake. A few of the guests mentioned to the bride that the problem with the cake should be mentioned to the bakery when the cake plate was returned. Her mom said she would and that made us all feel better.
          The bride’s mom arrived at Rossmore Bakery on the following Tuesday with the cake plate. A friend of hers accompanied her. She mentioned the situation with the cake to the girl when she gave back the platter but the employee didn’t quite understand. Then the owner came over and asked if they brought the cake back. She said “no, we needed it to serve to our guests.” Then he asked if she wanted her money back to which she replied “no, she just wanted to let them know what happened to the cake so that it wouldn’t happen to the wedding cake.” He asked the name and date of the wedding and she gave him the info. He went over to the desk, pulled the contract, walked over to the bride’s mom and her friend and then tore up the contract telling her that he didn’t need her business and that nothing would please her. Shocked and worried, she told him that the contract was with her daughter and she (the mom) only wanted to let him know what happened, that she wasn’t complaining or wanting her money back, just wanted to let him know what happened. He wrote out a check for the down payment on the wedding cake and her friend urged her to leave.
          The bride was devastated. A new job and no time to even get the remaining things on the list done before the wedding and now she has to start over with the cake! Her mom’s friend told her how calm her mom was and how rude he was to tear it up right in her face with a great amount of pleasure!
          She called me with the news and I couldn’t believe it. How can anyone break a contract with someone because of something that happened to a cake under a separate contract. In most cases, a bakery would accept that “someone” did “something” to the cake to make it bubble and crumble. Maybe they didn’t let the cake set..who knows. But a professional baker would know what caused the problem. But hey, the customer wasn’t mad and didn’t want her money back. She just wanted to let them know that something happened with the cake. That’s reasonable.
          But this bakery owner of Rossmoor Pastries is obviously a legend in his own mind and thinks he is above the law and can do whatever he wants to do whenever he want to do it. I wouldn’t trust them with any occasion. This is the very behavior that displays a total lack of responsibility and professionalism. The bride, the signer on the contract for the wedding cake, has NOT been notified yet.
          BUYER BEWARE. This company cannot be trusted.

          Rossmoor Pastries
          2325 Redondo Ave, Signal Hill, CA

        2. Great Dane bakery just opened their second shop, on Los Alamitos Blvd. just south of Katella. They have a pretty good selection, and great quality. Herb's Black Forest (I think that's the name) on Broohhurst around Garfield in Fountain Valley is also good.

          1. In Artesia...What about Goldilock's Bakery on Pioneer? It's Filippino sytle and I would definately go for a mocha roll or ube roll.....any of the rolled cakes. They look like a jelly roll, but are not overly sweet and usually fairly light.