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Jan 1, 2009 05:37 PM

Frisco Burger in SD?

Anyone have a line on a good frisco burger in SD?

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  1. Can you describe the burger? SD has several joints where locals go for good burgers, each with different specialties.

    1. There isn't a Frisco Burger franchise here in San Diego. For the burger itself, both Claim Jumper and Spice House Cafe advertise one but I've never tried them.

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        Actually I'm not looking for the Frisco Burger chain but places that also make it. I've had Claim Jumpers and Marie Callender's, which actually are pretty decent, but I know I've seen it on non-chain menus as well. It's just harder to find.

        For those not in "the know" a frisco burger is a patty between parmesan encrusted sourdough, topped with cheese, pickles, and thousand island.

        I don't know whether the Frisco Burger chain is the originator. I've never had it there. I always just thought they fashioned a restaurant around an already existing sandwich since it's less common then lets say, a patty melt.

        1. re: ReelMike84

          how's that different than a patty melt?

          1. re: DougOLis

            A patty melt is traditionally on rye bread with grilled onions and american cheese. It has no dressings.

          2. re: ReelMike84

            Gio in La Mesa (La Mesa Blvd. where it meets Allison) does a patty melt on Parmesan encrusted sourdough. It's got cheese and sauteed onions, no pickles, no 1,000 Island. Don't know if they'd allow you to customize their patty melt or not. As a patty melt it would have been better on rye bread. As a hamburger variant it was pretty good.

            Comes with fries, think it was around $10.50 or $11. Portion is large, I couldn't eat it all.

            1. re: DiningDiva

              I didn't notice that on the menu at Gio's, did you have it for lunch or dinner? We went for dinner and got tapas, so I easily could have overlooked it on the entree section...

              1. re: JRSD

                Yes, I was there for lunch. It's on their Breakfast/Lunch menu. It was actually a pretty decent burger (not "Best of" worthy, but more than acceptable). The waitress asked and I requested it medium rare, but it came medium, no pink but not overdone and dried out. The table next to us had ordered breakfast items and those looked very good too. I'd really like to go back and try breakfast.

                How were the tapas? I've heard mixed comments about Gio. My experience at lunch was good, breakfast looked really good, so I think I'd be inclined to go back even though I thought their prices were a tad on the high side for lunch, The bar area looked very inviting to me, especially for downtown La Mesa ;-). I thought their dinner menu was too spendy for the neighborhood.

                1. re: DiningDiva

                  We had a nice time at Gio. Service was very disorganized, but since we were feeling leisurely we didn't really care and they were all nice about it.

                  Food was good but not particularly memorable- salad with strawberry and goat cheese had tasty cheese, but the dressing was very sweet and overall the dish was close to being too sweet (and we like sweet food). Perhaps if the cheese had been more pungent or there had been less dressing the overall dish would have been excellent.

                  I guess since I can't recall anything else we ordered there, I really was not very impressed with the food, but I would give it another chance to try the wine flights and cheese plates since those seemed interesting. The jazz band in the back patio seemed to draw a big crowd...