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Jan 1, 2009 05:30 PM

Wang Sushi New Years Day OK!

We wanted to stay casual & closer to home to avoid any Holiday Traffic on the GSP ...we went again to one of our regular eating stops Wang Sushi off Rt37 Toms River...the restaurant was very busy tonight. Chef Ryan greeted us with Happy New Year salutations & we proceeded to order all of our Asian Fusion favorite dishes...

Chicken & Corn Soup
Indian Pancake
Taiwan Basil Fried Chicken
Pan Fried Dumplings
Chinese BBQ Pork
Kawasaki Rolls
Spicy Tuna Roll
Shrimp Tempura Roll
Thai Pad See Ene Shrimp
Taro & Coconut Bubble Tea

As usual everything was delicious & it was a great way to start off the New Year.
Check them out sometime soon.

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  1. Thanks for the report Tapas. I'm happy to hear that they were busy tonight.

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    1. re: bgut1

      bgut1 your very welcome......

      I'm glad also its a very unique restaurant...the phone kept ringing for takeout throughout also....busy takeout too.


    2. Tapas I have to thank you again.

      I went to Wang Sushi again last night.. It's my third time in a little over a week since reading your original review! Ryan calls me "Lakewood" now since he knows thats where I come from just for his grub.. haha.

      I always aim to try something new, but last night couldn't resist getting the Basil Taiwan Chicken again (sooo sooo sooo good). My father ordered the Chicken Satay, Indian Pancake and the Dumplings.. Oh man, the dumplings were to die for! The Chicken Satay was pretty tasty but I wasn't feeling the Indian Pancake too much. My father absolutely loved it though.

      To go I got the Hong Kong Pan Fried Noodles with chicken (eating it now for lunch.. yummmy!!) and I ordered the General Tso's chicken for my mom. She liked it but said it was a bit too much on the spicy side.

      I'm itching to try their Bubble Tea.. I never had tapioca (gasp! I know.. I know.. I've lived a sheltered life though!) so I'm not sure if I'd like it or not. Can you describe the taste and consistency? Is it more of like a milkshake?

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      1. re: nachoswithcocoa

        nachoswithcocoa ....

        Your very welcome,

        Well, I can see you hooked on WANG SUSHI also...great restaurant.
        I actually told Chef Ryan about you the other night when we were there he said he remembered you from Lakewood. The Asian Fusion menu there is so extensive, it really takes many visits to try most of their wonderful appetizers, dishes & soups. Many are so authentic as Chef Ryan was telling me you can't fool his customers who are a very diverse from many Asian cultures & really know & miss their home land dishes. He frequently talks to them to get their opinions to fine tune his dishes. The crispy Shrimp w/Sweet Chili is one of my favorites also.
        As for the Bubble Tea its a BIG favorite drink in China.....basically you choose what ever flavor you like eg: Melon, Taro/Coconut or so many others etc, it tastes like a thinner consistency milk shake and the Bubbles "Tapioca balls" are like small pea sized soft jelly which you drink thru the very Large Hole Straws with the Shake. Very different & unique to an American pallet.

        Glad you like Wang Sushi....I Might go there tonight also !


        1. re: Tapas52

          Had an appointment on Rt 37 today so I couldn't resist calling in a quick lunch order to Wang Sushi.

          I ordered the Taiwain Basil Chicken (again!! I'm officially addicted!) and Vietanmese Summer Rolls. Two dishes I have before but as of now are probably my favorite on the appetizer menu.

          Theyre so friendly there! I just wish it were closer to Lakewood!

          1. re: nachoswithcocoa

            We always eat in the restaurant & while dining and reading the extensive menu always come up with more things to try......Chef Ryan & his wife are very gracious hosts & make you feel at home every time. Keep trying different things you'll be surprised at what you'll love.


      2. I lost my long response to this, but I can truly say that I love Wang Sushi. My mother, brother and I dined in about two weeks ago and thoroughly enjoyed our meal. We had the following:

        Shumai Fried
        Pepper Tuna (aka Tuna Tataki elsewhere)
        Japanese Fried Oyster

        Mongolian Beef (ordered spicy)
        Crispy Shrimp with Sweet Chili
        Salmon Teriyaki box with a spicy tuna roll

        Everything was very good, the best of the appetizers were the oysters, our least favorite the Pepper Tuna (I'm the one who ate it, and I actually prefer the Tuna Tatake from Wegmans in Ocean).

        The entrees truly were wonderful, with one notable disappointment, the Shrimp Tempura on the teriyaki box was bland and lifeless. The beef was perfectly cooked with just the right amount of heat to keep your mouth happy, without building to a capsaicin overload, my teriyaki box was equally wonderful with the salmon perfectly cooked, the spicy tuna roll well done and very fresh, with the tempura sweet potato being divine. The real standout though was the shrimp. There were a dozen huge shrimp, perfectly cooked, crispy, moist, tender, with a perfect sauce.

        The total for everything was just under $60, and could easily have been less if you skip the appetizers, not recommended, even though the entree portions are generous.

        I'll be going there again.

        One quick addition: When chatting with Chef Ryan, I mentioned that I heard about Wang Sushi Chowhound, he immediately recognized it.

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        1. re: tommyoz

          Tommy glad you enjoyed Wang's a wonderful place to dine & try different Asian delights....I make it a point to go there at least once a week.....

          Thanks for the great review

          1. re: tommyoz

            We've made a few more visits to Wang Sushi since January and have yet to be disappointed with anything we've had there.

            My brother and I went there this past Tuesday and I decided to make it a sushi night.

            I started with the miso soup, and since I'm a tuna nut I tried the Sweet Heart Roll which has spicy tuna and tempura flakes on the inside and fresh tuna on the outside of an inside-out roll. It was a perfect balance of prepared and fresh, with all the textures working well together, and well worth the $7.99. I completed the meal with a salmon roll and four pieces of nigiri (two tuna, two salmon) and I was very satisfied.

            My brother had the Basil Noodles, wide noodles with chicken and shrimp, onion, basil and a spicy chili sauce and it was also very good with a moderate heat level which built as he ate it.

            Once again, I highly recommend Wang Sushi, go there and support Chef Ryan!

          2. Just returned from Wang Sushi tonight....I had another wonderful dining treat as usual.Chef Ryan was telling me that many Chowhounders are coming in the restaurant for ChefMD etc, etc, ....
            I ordered a Kawasaki Roll, Shrimp Tempura Roll, Fried Dumplings (heavenly), Nagamaki, & Kung Po Chicken.........being it's Chinese New Year Ryan offered a nice courtesy assortment of sweet treats for desert followed by sliced fresh oranges.

            If you haven't been there as of yet you owe it to yourself to try it sometime.

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            1. re: Tapas52

              Tapas - I've been going at least once a week. I am officially hooked on the Taiwan Basil Fried Chicken.. My brother and I went last weekend before a movie and just about every table was full! He had ordered the Kung Po Chicken and was pleasantly surprised at how good it was.

              1. re: nachoswithcocoa

                nachoswithcocoa ......I try to order a few different dishes every time I go...there are so many on the menu you have to experiment.....or let Chef Ryan suggest a few...I havn't tried the Whole Fish dishes yet either but I will soon....Glad your enjoying Wang Sushi

            2. I tried Wang Sushi yesterday after reading all the wonderful things written about the place. I did not pay attention to the direction too carefully and I thought that it was in the lot with K Mart but actually it was before that! Anyway, the place was relatively quiet when I got in, considering that it was lunch time! There were another table when I was there and some people came in for takeouts. (I was told later that they were quite busy with the delivery that morning!)Both Ryan and his wife are very nice and I told him that I read things about his place in Chowhound, he told me that he was very glad that people were telling others that they liked his food over the internet.

              I had the Vietnamese noodle with sliced beef and soup, plus Vietnamese spring rolls, they are very tasty. The spring rolls were very hot but they are supposed to be and the wrapper was very crispy. The ingredients used were quite authentic too.(ie glassy noodles, minced pork and I believe some carrots) I had been to Vietnam and lived in Asia for sometime, the quality came close to some of the local places I had been to in Vietnam. The Vietnamese soup base was very good and the noodles were nicely done. The soup noodle also came with some raw bean sprouts, vegetables and a piece of lemon. In Vietnam, a lot of times, they used lime instead of lemon, the splash of lime juice can compliment the beef. I would also prefer to have the beef served raw. When they are sliced thin, and the soup is hot, one can dip them in the soup and they will be so tender! I have no problem with the beef provided in this dish being half cooked but it is just more of a personal experience that I had in Asia.

              Wang Sushi has a large menu and it is not easy to come by in Toms River. The idea of having such varieties in Toms River is really wonderful, it really add some diversity to the dining scene in the area. It will take me a while to try the whole menu…. Chef Ryan said that he is still exploring with lots of the food and try to do them better. That is a great attitude to have and I do hope that he will be able to reach out to more people! By the way, I also had the bubble tea, it was good!

              If you are looking for a trendy place with all sorts of cool decoration, this is not the place. But if you are looking for a friendly owner with a large variety of Asian dishes, you are in the right place. By the way, they do deliver and I think that I may try that for the sushi rolls….