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Jan 1, 2009 05:30 PM

Desperate for good chinese !

moved to stamford 2 years ago and ate at Li's in Darien which has since closed. Tolerate Hunan in Greenwich but please HELP . . .
oh and Happy new year

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  1. Hunan Spring on Hope Street. Happy new year!

    1. For good chinese you need to go into the city/Flushing, most of the "chinese" restaurants around here are asian fusion or modified to suit "white man" palate - ie not very spicy or authentic. If I'm desperate for something resembling chinese, I go to Ching's Table in Darien because it's nearby - recently re-opened as Wild Ginger dumpling house but same owners and basically the same menu. I tried the dim sum at Aberdeen in White Plains - very average - would rather save the money and head to Flushing when I have time.

      For chinese takeaway, I go to Mandarin Wok in Cos Cob because the food is ok, nothing outstanding, but at least it is better than some places that were truly horrendous.

      1. Hunan Cafe in Riverside has very good food. Ask for the Chinese food not listed on the menu.

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          I think the best is in Greenwich, - Penang Grill, lewis street. I find it really tasty. That's where I go when I'm craving for it.

        2. jfood is a big fan of Ching's Table in NC for his Asian meals and her sister restaurant Sushi 25 around the corner. Others may say it is not Chinese though.

          Check their menus on line and decide if these are the dishes you might be looking for whether you callit Chinese, Asian or some combo-fusion cuisine.

          1. Aberdeen on Hamilton Ave. in White Plains might fit the bill and save you a trip to lower Manhattan. It's very good and as close to authentic as you can find nearby.