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Jan 1, 2009 05:24 PM

Poway: Eats In or Around?

I'm seeing a movie tomorrow at the Poway Ultrastar theater and looking for a decent lunch where entrees stay under $15. Any places worth a visit? I'm open to any recommendation be it a great burger and fries, to fabulous, but obviously cheap sushi. Basically skies the limit on cuisine!

Searching the boards has given me some ideas... but I can't make a decision given the array of options. Help! Where would you go?... I'm an LA native and feel lost.

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  1. Poway Sushi Lounge is very good. There is decent Cuban/Caribbean food at Miami Grille.

    1. Pho Hoa Cali is off Mira Mesa Blvd and the 15 freeway. It's roughly 5 minutes off the freeway. Excellent pho, you'll easily stay under $15. The yogurt place next door isn't too bad if you need a Pinkberry-like fix.