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Jan 1, 2009 04:53 PM

Siena Restaurant

My wife and I enjoyed New Years Eve dinner at Siena last night.

The food was great, but the service was very poor.

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  1. Yeah, I think Siena is one of the better Italian places in the area.

    Don't blame them too harshly for poor service on NYE--I can pretty much assure you most of the restaurants open Wed. night were slammed (including where I work). Some of us were busier than during SXSW and ACL put together. The back of the house was very busy, but I felt even worse for the front of the house.

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    1. re: taliesin15

      Well, our server (Lauren) delivered the courses out of order AND they were always late.

      We saw many other tables get their food in a timely manner. It took our server 2 hours to serve a five course meal.

      We did enjoy the food and will go back to Siena again.

      1. re: greathillsgolfer

        No excuse for delivering courses out of order- but 2hrs for a five course meal seems reasonable. Taking time to enjoy each course individually is all part of the experience- especially in Italian restaurants. From a service perspective, it is very difficult to serve multi course meals to people who are used to the American style dining experience for the very reason that you were unsatisfied. The American style is to pile courses on top of one another and get a check on the table asap. I have had some very disappointing meals in nice restaurants because the entree course lands five minutes after the first course hits the table. "Turn and burn" restaurants are ok if you serve burgers and fries, but not at a place like Siena. Again, bad service is bad service, and the server should have modified the tempo of the meal to your taste, but I would venture to say that five courses taking two hours is not out of the ordinary.

        1. re: plinko21

          I appreciate that a 5 course meal should take awhile to enjoy, but the "service" was very poor on New Years Eve.