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Jan 1, 2009 03:09 PM

Source of excellent pig in Vancouver


Can you help? My poor benighted cousin, who lives in Vancouver, has had a ham here in NY (bought from a very good guy at Union Square greenmarket) and says "the ham we get doesn't taste like this". Well of COURSE it doesn't. Her ham comes with a Maple Leaf wrapper on it. Hmmmm.... I KNOW there is better to be had. Can any of you recommend where to go to buy more delicious... maybe organic, maybe local... whatever you think.


Thanks! And Happy New Year, all!

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  1. For pork, you can get organic Sloping Hills Pork at a variety of places (eg Armando's on Granville Island). I have purchased whole pigs at Columbus Meats on Renfrew and 1st. Also: The British Butcher Shoppe (North Van), The Fat Butcher (North Van), Windsor Meats (Main St).

    For hams and other cured products:
    Oyama (Granville Island)
    Cioffi's (E Hastings)
    Moccia (E Hastings - all their house-made cured products are organic)
    Columbus Meats
    JN&Z (Commercial Dr)
    Bosa Foods (Burnaby)

    There is certainly no reason to eat supermarket ham when the good stuff costs about the same.

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      As usual fmed has you covered :-) but I have one more suggestion for ham: Tenderland Meats on Granville Island. We have been buying from them for years and they've never let us down. We had another just last night, bone in, succulent, firm, good saltiness, not watery, great smoky flavour.

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        The Swedish ham at Oyama is fabulous.

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          International Sausage House on Gilmore and Halifax has good fresh and cured meats. They also sell pork cracklings as snacks! Kind of like pork jerky with crispy fat on it. It's great with a light sprinkling of salt and a couple of minutes in the toaster oven.

          Cioffi's has great Berkshire pork ribs. They're frozen, but fantastic :o)

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            Joyous! Thank you, all! I'll be there in two weeks, and will take my list along with me, so as to encourage cousin... I know it's summer, I know you all are sweltering and not (probably) thinking about cooking right now. But good pig is good pig. And sausages or ribs on the bbq with beer... good pre-ham intro, yes?