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Jan 1, 2009 02:39 PM

Mike's Pizza

Mike's Pizza on the UWS is now open. They were only open for delivery of pizza and a few pasta and side dish items today. We ordered a pie ($20--a reasonable price for a kosher pie) and some fries. it was really good. the pie was a very thin crust with a nice cheese blend and a great sauce.

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    1. re: Kosher Critic

      And is it related to Mike's Bistro?

      1. re: Kosher Critic

        92nd and Amsterdam.

        And for DeisCane- yes, same ownership (Mike) and same logo and so on.

      2. Now that it's been open a bit longer, is it offering a fuller menu? What's on the planned full menu, anyway, other than pizza and pasta? How formal a dining experience is it?

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        1. re: GilaB

          As of yesterday the store still had paper on its windows. The OP said it was open for delivery only. I wouldn't dream of judging the menu until you can eat in the restaurant and of course it's impossible to judge the dining experience until there is a dining experience.

          1. re: avitrek

            I live there and it's not open as of yesterday.

            1. re: tomby

              From peeking in the window, it looks like it will be very casual. And the name is Mike's "Pizzeria."

              1. re: tomby

                Thanks for the updates! Keep them coming.

                1. re: tomby

                  good, I hate getting all dressed up in a suit and tie to go eat pizza

          2. I've had the following things from them so far:

            Large pie with mushrooms
            "Focaccia Pizza" with mushrooms

            The fries are rediculously overpriced- they're normal shoestring fries, nothing special.

            The normal pizza was good. It wasn't absolutely amazing, but definitely a solid pizza. There was some fresh basil on it, which I thought was a nice touch. Price for this seems to be about the same as Cafe Roma. Overall, I enjoyed it, but since I eat at Viva, it wouldn't be a frequent meal for me. Definitely a huge step up over Roma, though, so those who don't eat at Viva should definitely go for Mike's. Price including mushrooms: $26.01, including tax (this was a large pie).

            The "Focaccia Pizza" was a generous helping of focaccia bread with arugula and carmelized onions on top and with a cheesy tasting dressing of sorts. The mushrooms were "exotic mushrooms", which in this case seemed to be mostly shitake. The dish itself was really fantastic, but the mushrooms made it something very special. We also keep a block of parmigiano reggiano around, and grated a bit of that onto the dish. The thing basically filled up the kind of box you'd use for a small pizza, and so was a good meal for two people. Of the stuff I've tried so far, this is definitely the one I'd specifically order again, even though I do eat at Viva.

            And of course, the most important information, since it's hard to find: The number for ordering is 212-362-0700.

            1. An additional update: we walked by last night and they were stocking the sodas in the refrigerators in the front. I'd bet it'll open today or tomorrow.

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              1. re: masteraleph

                Last night, I was admitted through a side door for a takeout order. It looked like they could use a few days before opening. The menu was limited - I had the foccacia. I would not call it a pizza. Mine had the carmelized onions and was topped, oddly, by a roughly-cut piece of fresh sage that promptly fell off. It was tasty enough but I would not make a meal of it. At $18, I would be more inclined to pick up some of the grilled vegetable foccacia at Fairway, if they still make it.

              2. Everything that chef touches is gold....I can't wait to try out Mike's new creations.
                Didn't he spend like 6 years working in Napa after he finished at CIA? Would you call it a California approach to Pizza? What else does anyone recommend to try when going?

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                1. re: gotcholent

                  I will never get the appeal. What do you people see in his food?

                  1. re: cappucino

                    Passion, taste, flavor....who is your favorite chef?

                  2. re: gotcholent

                    I believe Chef Mike is finalizing the menu and should be offering more than just Pizza and pasta. He will also be offering home made desserts and the pasta is actually home made as well.

                    I would definitely try the home made pasta and the cannolis when they start serving them.

                      1. re: marissaj

                        Wow, $21 for a pie. Glatt Kosher Kingdom is selling an 18" pie for $12.99

                        1. re: MartyB

                          the pizza store on Cornega ave across from Kosherworld in Far Rock also has it for takeout sun-thurs for 12.99

                          1. re: MartyB

                            Who cares what they charge out in Brooklyn/Queens. Cafe Roma charges $20/pie and that's Mike's competition. For a $1 permium I don't know anyone who wouldn't chose Mike's over Roma.

                            1. re: avitrek

                              So true! and having eaten both I can tell you Mike's is much better. In therms of the other entrees there and the desserts, Mike's is definitely more expensive. But to me, the price is worth it, the food I have had from there is excellent. Hopefully this restaurant will be with the community for a long time!!

                            2. re: MartyB

                              This is the UWS, not the boondocks in Far Rockaway or Brooklyn. Id like to see any pizza shop, kosher or not, that makes everything from scratch, INCLUDING THE MOZZARELLA and charges less then $20. And, my wife and I thought the Pizza was good, it was really the fresh pastas, Mike's famous handmade gnocchi, and homemade mozarella that we got to take home that makes Mike's such a welcome addition to the UWS.

                              Does anybody know if he does milchig catering now?

                              1. re: gotcholent

                                Don't even think of Mike as a pizza joint... it is his real home made gelato which sings like a colaratura soprano! And the other italian specialties are superb. I would like to bring to an old-timer from Arthur Avenue in the Bronx to see if he lives up to non-ksoher Italian standards.