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Jan 1, 2009 02:18 PM

best po boys

is it domilises? this is what i have been told by locals
i am going on the 9th for 5 days and want to try the best for shrimp and and oyster po boys

also looking for a place like uglisichs which sadly does not exist

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  1. Not the best, among the worst. Do not waste your time. Try Mahoney's on Magazine street. At the top of the list now. Parasol's and Ignatius for great Roast Beef, but not so great on some others. Parkway Bakery for great Roast Beef and a real New Orleans experience.

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      I absolutely second the vote for Parkway's roast beef! Well worth the quick taxi ride to and from the Quarter. http://www.parkwaybakeryandtavernnola...

      The local taxi company of choice is United Cab, so put these numbers in your cell phone: 522-9771 and 524-8380.

      1. re: SBrooksB

        Area Code: 504.

        I also like Parkway bakery. MIL had the oyster, and I got a bite - very good. Wife had shrimp and it was also very good. Still, I think that my RB w/ Swiss and a bit of hot mustard was the best - oh, and the gravy!


    2. Uggie's was my favorite and I've really missed it. While po-boys are not what you go for at Boucherie - it is very good. I could live off of their boudin balls. I'm not missing Uggie's so much anymore now that I found Boucherie last weekend. Their hours are short because they have the Que Crawl truck at night but they said they'd be opening for dinner in January some time. Their website is but it seems to be down right now. It's in the old IRIS location. If you search this board for "que crawl", you'll get a lot of info on the place.

      1. R&O's in Bucktown, Rivershack Tavern on River Rd., The Galley Seafood on Met. Rd., Crabby Jack's on Jefferson Hwy.

        1. Though not po-boys, Casamento's has the best fried oysters in the city. Deep fried in lard in cast iron pots, served on buttered and toasted white bread. The fried shrimp is good as well.

          I have never been a big fan of Domilses.

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            Johnny's Po-Boys in the French Quarter is pretty darn good and they serve breakfast

            511 St. Louis St.


          2. Just stay away from the roast beef at domilise's and you'll be fine.