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best po boys

is it domilises? this is what i have been told by locals
i am going on the 9th for 5 days and want to try the best for shrimp and and oyster po boys

also looking for a place like uglisichs which sadly does not exist

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  1. Not the best, among the worst. Do not waste your time. Try Mahoney's on Magazine street. At the top of the list now. Parasol's and Ignatius for great Roast Beef, but not so great on some others. Parkway Bakery for great Roast Beef and a real New Orleans experience.

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      I absolutely second the vote for Parkway's roast beef! Well worth the quick taxi ride to and from the Quarter. http://www.parkwaybakeryandtavernnola...

      The local taxi company of choice is United Cab, so put these numbers in your cell phone: 522-9771 and 524-8380.

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        Area Code: 504.

        I also like Parkway bakery. MIL had the oyster, and I got a bite - very good. Wife had shrimp and it was also very good. Still, I think that my RB w/ Swiss and a bit of hot mustard was the best - oh, and the gravy!


    2. Uggie's was my favorite and I've really missed it. While po-boys are not what you go for at Boucherie - it is very good. I could live off of their boudin balls. I'm not missing Uggie's so much anymore now that I found Boucherie last weekend. Their hours are short because they have the Que Crawl truck at night but they said they'd be opening for dinner in January some time. Their website is quecrawl.com but it seems to be down right now. It's in the old IRIS location. If you search this board for "que crawl", you'll get a lot of info on the place.

      1. R&O's in Bucktown, Rivershack Tavern on River Rd., The Galley Seafood on Met. Rd., Crabby Jack's on Jefferson Hwy.

        1. Though not po-boys, Casamento's has the best fried oysters in the city. Deep fried in lard in cast iron pots, served on buttered and toasted white bread. The fried shrimp is good as well.

          I have never been a big fan of Domilses.

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            Johnny's Po-Boys in the French Quarter is pretty darn good and they serve breakfast

            511 St. Louis St.


          2. Just stay away from the roast beef at domilise's and you'll be fine.

            1. Parran's, Parasol's, Southern Po-boy, (Jefferson Hwy. & Claiborne Ct.) , Jack Dempsey's does a pretty good oyster loaf...college inn still pretty good....One of our correspondents took me up on my suggestion of Mena's palace and thot the catfish po boy quite good, (I've never eaten their sandwiches)

              1. Johnny's Johnny's Johnny's.....nuf said

                1. just did a po boy tour of uptown
                  hit domilises shrimp
                  mahonys oyster remoulade
                  parasols oyster

                  went in one 3 hour period with a stop at casamentos for some oysters and oyster stew thrown in

                  my results are

                  parasols kicks ass over the others
                  not even close
                  better than the other 2 together!!!!!!!

                  1. I'm a champion for Parkway's personally. Fabulous Roast Beef and delicious everything else. Plus they have kick-butt sweet potato fries. Also Crabby Jacks on Jefferson Highway is real good (probably out of your way though) as is Johnny's in the FQ.

                    1. on your way out of town heading towards airport go to Russel's Short Stop Poboy's located right ear the corner of Airline Highway and Transcontinental. Great cheap poboys and awesome melt in yo mouth roast beef.

                      1. Bozo's (Metairie) has the best oyster, Johnny's for RB or Liuzzas BTT for RB with horseradish sauce.

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                          And don't forget my favorite neglected poboy genre: the italian/red gravy poboy. My favorite being the MEATBALL poboy at MANDINA's. Order it dressed (lettuce, tomato, mayo and pickles) just like any other poboy. This is a sure candidate for my last meal if I'm ever convicted of a capital offense.

                          College Inn used to do a good meatball poboy as well, but I haven't had one there in a long time.

                          Parran's in Metairie does a great veal cutlet that you can get with red sauce. I think it's called the Veal Parran.

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                            An addition to this family of po-boys is the Veal Parmesan at Mano's Po boys & Sandwiches a nice little shop tucked away in a corner of Saints drive and David Drive.Everything to declicious excess.

                        2. New to the site - Nawlins expat missing talking about food & esp. Nawlins food! I'm a Johnny's RB fan too. I used to love the Meatball & Mozz at R&O's - has anyone else tried their's? And I remember the hot sausage (patties) po boys from I think it was Bun & Biscuit in the CBD??? Man I'm ready to come home & "chow" down!

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                            I had the meatball at R&O's and it was great but that was years ago so I don't know how it is now.

                          2. I'm not a fan of shooting lots of sweet ketchup on fried seafood poboys, as the ladies at Domilise love to do. Parkway's really good, as is Liuzza By the Track. Remoulade, Arnaud's lunch place in the Quarter, has some pretty good po-boys. Have heard lots of good things about Parasol. Casamento's is a classic.

                            1. Domilises has the best shrimp po'boy i've ever had. And that's saying something- I don't usually even like shrimp!

                              The Couchon de lait at Crabby Jacks is also good.

                              For Roast Beef Parkway is the BEST

                              damn, i miss home. now if only I could find a good po'boy here in New York

                              1. I read that there is a Po Boy festival on the 22nd of November. My family and I will be down from New York visiting at the time for a week, does anyone have any thoughts on weather or not it is worth attending??

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                                  The Poboy Preservation Festival is a free street fair on Oak St in Carrollton/Uptown NOLA. You can take the streetcar; get off at Oak St. In past years, the fest has grown uncomfortably crowded as the day progresses, so if you're traveling with kids, go early before it gets too congested. Oak St. recently underwent a complete repaving/makeover, so this year's event should be big. http://www.poboyfest.com/ Once benefit of the fair: most vendors sell smaller/cheaper tasting portions of the sandwiches, so you can try different things without eating 2,000 lbs of bread.

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                                    i hear they're actually charging for admission this year. just $5, i think. definitely worth the cost, and who knows? it may cut down the crowd a bit, which did get out of hand at times last year. i would definitely recommend attending.

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                                    Definitely go. It's a ton of fun! But also, definitely be prepared for crowds. Last year, I got a duck po'boy from Jacques-Imo's. Amazing.

                                  3. Just a tourist chiming in - visited New Orleans on the last week in Sept. had a oyster po'boy at Parkway and at Domilise's. Parkway the winner by a mile - probably 3 times as many oysters in the Parkway po'boy, they were fried so nice and light - I thought I was at Casamento's. I avoided the lunch rush and walked in about 5 PM - about 10 people there - the staff could not have been any friendlier - really nice folks. Will be stopping by on my next trip for a roast beef po'boy (or maybe another oyster) Hey thanks for the Po'boy festival info Hungary Celeste - I can always count on you and the other New Orleans chowhounds for great info.

                                    1. Ate at Mahoney's....Fried Green Tomato and Shrimp Roumelade + Turkey and Gravy. Both "dressed" and accompanied by frys and onion rings.

                                      Excellent ! Fresh ingrediants, nice size, great bread. Shoestring onion rings were outstanding.

                                      1. Can't believe no-one ever mentions the Verti Marte!

                                        Oh my gosh! Po' Boys and Ribs mmmmm

                                        Verti Marte
                                        1201 Royal St, New Orleans, LA

                                        1. I just had a killer roast beef poboy at Joe Sepie's on Jefferson Highway at Central Ave in old Jefferson. It was sort of shredded, debris-style, with a delicious, thin gravy (no nasty pasty flour thickened mess). Dressed with shredded lettuce, pickles, mayo, on toasted, fresh Leidenheimer's bread. The owner is originally from Raceland; he makes pretty good tamales, too. He was singin' the praises of his BBQ beef, but I didn't sample it, so I can't vouch.

                                          Joe Sepie's
                                          4402 Jefferson Hwy, New Orleans, LA 70121