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Jan 1, 2009 02:08 PM

Tulane/NO visit need dining help

I will be bringing my daughter to NO to visit Tulane in 2 weeks and need some dining suggestions. Neither of us has ever been to NO before. We both will eat anything although she's not big on anything too spicy. In particular would enjoy eating the local cuisine as much as possible and keeping meals to no more than $20 or so a head (exceptions are allowed). Looking for the following:

1) Thursday evening not far from the Intercontinental. Flight doesn't get in until 7pm so something easy to get in and out of.

2) Friday dinner near Tulane. We won't be done until probably around 5pm so it would be nice to try something near the University. Alternatively, we want to go to Preservation hall and could go Fri or Sat and so could do dinner before that.

3) Saturday dinner at Luke (I have reservations and think we'll both enjoy that even though a bit higher end that I want other meals to be.

4) Sunday brunch and/or simpler meals. Our flight isn't until 4:30 and we won't be eating until the next morning so suggestions for whatever Sunday would be great.

Breakfasts any day (something near the hotel or Tulane would be really great for Friday). Saturday we'll go anywhere interesting since we don't know how we're spending the day yet.

Any and all suggestions welcome.

Thanks Sharon

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  1. 1)Rambla, at the International House hotel. Just a short distance from the Intercontinental. It offers a menu of tapas, intended for sharing. You can eat as much or as little as you'd like, with dishes to share. Or try the Bon Ton for crawfish etouffee, crab au gratin, etc. Both of these options are more than $20 a head.....
    2)Why not hop on the streetcar and head back downtown, stopping at Slice for pizza? Every undergraduate-to-be needs to check out the local pizza scene, and Slice offers decent salads and slightly ambitious pies as well. Plus, you can eat inexpensively to make up for Friday's arrival dinner.
    4)Camellia Grill for a breakfast/brunch; an institution, with breakfast & diner food. Located in Riverbend, not too far from campus, near Carrollton & St. Charles; you can take the streetcar from downtown, and then hop back on for a quick trip back to campus.

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      I like the looks of Rambla and am assuming (correct me if I'm wrong) that we can dress casually and that we shouldn't have too long a wait on a Thurs evening. I suspect we can escape for under $30 each so that's fine.

      We're not too into pizza since my daughter has it twice a week at school so need to find something else.

      Camellia Grill looks good for breakfast. Might try that Friday morning before getting to Tulane since we don't have to be at the University until after 10.

      1. re: SharonOhio

        I suspect her pizza consumption will only increase once she hits college!

        Other possible options for an early, casual dinner on Friday include Casamento's for raw or fried oysters, softshelled crab, and other simple but delicious seafood. Or you could try Dante's Kitchen (in Riverbend).

    2. Panola Street Cafe isn't far at all from campus and they have good breakfast as well

      1. for local and affordable fare, Cafe Atchafalaya, Dunbar's, Ignatius Eatery, Jacques-Imo's, Ye Olde College Inn, Dante's Kitchen, Mat & Naddie's (lunch buffet), J-Anita's, Joey K's

        1. HI Sharon,

          Good to hear you're coming to take a look at Tulane - I'm currently attending law school at Tulane and can say only good things about the school and area. For dining around the University area, there are certainly great options, particularly in the Riverbend area where St. Charles meets Carrolton.

          For a dinner in the Tulane area I would suggest Ciro's Cote Sud on Maple Street, which is a little French and Italian style bistro (mostly french influenced entrees but also really good pizza) that is one of my personal walking distance to school favorites. Also I would look at Jacques-Imo's for a unique New Orleans experience. I think Jacques-Imo's has a mixed reputation on this board but for me it is enjoyable as much for the atmosphere as for the food - which I also have found to be very nice, just prepare for a wait on a busy night .

          Sunday brunch I would definately suggest Dante's Kitchen - seconding everybody elses opinion, which is a meal I have repeatedly taken out of towners to with rave reviews all around. Really great little place once again in the Riverbend area. Since you have time I think it is definitely worth the trip.

          Last for breakfast in the area of your hotel, Mother's is a good bet and further uptown I would go for Camelia Grill as pointed out by Hungry Celeste.

          Have a great trip!

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          1. re: spotonjane

            Also at Tulane Law, and I generally agree with everything that's been said.

          2. Suggestions all look great. Ciro's definitely could work well on Friday. I'm assuming the wait shouldn't be too long if we're not there late. Camellia grill will also probably work out well. We'll have to see if we feel like going back to the Riverbend area or trying another area of town for during the weekend. I have plenty of suggestions for all our meals now (probably way too many).

            Thanks to all. I will report back.

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            1. re: SharonOhio

              There is sometimes a very long wait for Camellia Grill. If so, walk right around the corner on Hampson to Refuel. Or up to Oak St. Cafe, I was just there this morning and it's great. I hadn't tried it for a few years and they have definitely stepped it up. Live piano and singer, too.

              I think you'll like Ciro's.