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Jan 1, 2009 01:00 PM

Cookie Base Recipe + Variations Ice Cream Scoop

Hi! I don't live in the USA and I see a few people on Etsy and other sites selling Shortbread Cookies with amazing variations. Like Lemon Hazelnut, ones with Chili Pepper in them.

The cookies are usually scooped with an Ice Cream Scoop But I have seen them rolled out like a log and cut in very thick rounds, they don't seem to lose their shape at all, even the ridges formed by the scoop or knife are still there. People rave about them. I love shortbread and it is basically unknown where I am. So I am looking for a recipe, the basic one that uses the ice cream scoop or to roll out in a log style, mainly I want it to keep its shape. I can make up my own variations maybe, or at least get started with the ones included in a recipe. Does anyone have a recipe for these? I am thinking that even the shortbread raw scooped can be frozen? and possibly taken from the freezer and baked?

Please help me find the correct recipe. I will appreciate it so much! hehe


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  1. There was a lot of talk about those cookies over on at one point. Unfortunately, that original thread has disappeared (they have serious, ongoing server issues), but some people re-assembled some of the critical information here:

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      Oh boy! I am going over there right now to check it out! Thanks so much! I appreciate it alot..