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Jan 1, 2009 12:12 PM

Help! Gaslamp Recommendation Dinner/Lounge/Club

I need a recommendation for 3 couples in their late 30s looking to go out dinner in the Gaslamp area. We are coming into town on a vacation away from the kids and would like to go out to dinner together. I would like to go somewhere obviously with good food and also a place that we can hang out afterwards in the lounge/bar area. Something that has a nice clubby lounge area that we can have some drinks/chill and talk. I don't feel like waiting in line or paying a high cover. I am open to listening to some live music but I don't want a place too loud where we can't hear each other talk.

Thanks for your help

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  1. Wow, you are asking a lot out of the Gaslamp.

    Oceanaire might be the Gaslamps best restaurant.

    Grant Grille could be an option too.

    1. Try Confidential, Stingaree, J Bar........but they get very very crowded on weekends. I'd recommmend staying at the Ivy, eating at the Quarter Kitchen and go to Envy (as a hotel guest, you get VIP entry).

      1. I looked into the Ivy & Stringaree and they seem too Las Vegas. I read that Fleetwood is more casual. Any feedback?

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          Ivy and stingaree are very Vegas...the worst aspects of Vegas. The food is not good, just Vegas priced.

          Fleetwood is also mediocre at best.