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Jan 1, 2009 12:12 PM

Where to buy Pork Roll in Boston?

When I lived in philly a good diner breakfast wasnt complete without pork roll, a type of pork sausage youd slice and grill and serve in breakfast sandwhiches. You could also but it at the store, taylor was the brand name. Anyone know where to buy it here?

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  1. I have seen it at the deli counter at various supermarkets, but not at a restaurant.

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    1. re: AHan

      Any chance you can recall which supermarket where you saw it, AHan? My husband is from North Jersey and loves it but can only get it when he goes home to his parents.

    2. Do you mean what goes by the name of Taylor Ham in New Jersey?

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      1. re: Karl S

        North Jersey calls it Taylor Ham, and South Jersey/Philly call it Pork Roll.
        That's what I got out of a conversation not to long ago in Cherry Hil, NJ.

        1. re: Karl S

          yeah, I think Taylor is the brand name maybe?

          1. re: Karl S

            Um, in Trenton, where the pork roll originated, it is pork roll. Philly wishes it were theirs. Taylor is a brand, yes.

            EDIT: UGH! Sucked into an old thread. Merde.

          2. I think some smart Chowhound could make a bundle supplying NJ hard rolls and pork roll in NE and probably more generally throughout the US. I've actually tried to make hard rolls (toward this grand entrepreneurial goal), it's not at all easy!

            1. Is that anything like porchetta? I get that at my local Russian store, Berezka in Allston. It's fantastic.

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              1. re: BobB

                Not unless what you get at that store is nothing like a standard porchetta.

                1. re: BobB

                  Nothing close to porchetta....More like a large summer sausage...similar to the other Philly area classic cold cut , Lebanon Bologna

                2. Grew up in South Jersey and have the craving especially for Eagles playoff parties.

                  I bought some of the Taylor 8 slice packs a couple months ago in the packaged meat section (with scrapple there as well !) at Roche Brothers in Wellesley. May want to call first because it's not always in stock. May have it in other stores in the chain as well.

                  I occasionally find Tastykakes at Stop & Shop if you want to make a complete meal of it.

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                  1. re: pondrat

                    As another transplanted south Jersey person (exit 0 GSP), I had given up on things like Taylor Pork Roll, until I started shopping at the Hudson NH stop and shop. They sell it at the deli counter, in 1lb packages. However, they won't slice it, which makes little sense to me, as they slice pancetta, which is also a raw pork product on their slicers.

                    I hope that this helps those that are missing a NJ staple.


                    1. re: aholsber

                      Exit 0....I still vacation in Cape May....

                      Now all we need to do is get a supplier of REAL philly soft pretzels up here in Boston.

                      Go Eagles !