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Feb 10, 2004 11:18 PM

Pickles in OC?

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Ok, I am bitter.

Well, maybe sour is best.

Better put, I like good pickles. Always have, always will.

I've tried the store bought sort, and frankly consider the green food coloring the telltale sign of bad cucumbers.

I know that Hollingshead has a good pickle, as does Whole Foods with the Ba Tampte brand of Half Sour.

But, the real question is who else, in OC, has a good pickle that still has the cucumber taste yet the right amount of spices?

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  1. If you are looking for a good garlic dill, try Mattern Sausages and Meats in Orange.
    I am sure that the nice German ladies there have something to suit. Get some Wesphalian Ham also, while you're there.

    1. I recently ate a terrific jumbo dill pickle at Cortina's Italian Deli & Restaurant on Orange/Brookhurst in Anaheim. It wasn't too sour or spicy----just simple, crisp, and tasty. (the NY pizza that I ordered at the next-door restaurant was pretty good too)