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Jan 1, 2009 11:22 AM

London ON Restaurant Rec's

I am looking for recommendations for good restaurants in the London ON area. We've eaten at lots of restaurants in London and curious if there are any hidden gems that we are missing. Last meal in London was at Tru which was quite good (we were worried because on-line reviews rated the service poorly - ours was fine). We go to Under the Volcano once in a while and liked Cafe de Paris (is it still open??). Just looking for an alternative to the Keg etc. for occasional dinners out.

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  1. Cafe de Paris is closed. I always love the Black Trumpet and La Casa.

    1. We like Blackfriars Bistro (49 Blackfriars Street) - it's a small place, but they have interesting food, and the service is always good. They do an awesome Sunday brunch too.

      1. We live closeby. Our favorites are:
        David's Bistro
        The Only on King
        The Windjammer (in Port Stanley 40 minutes south)

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          Does anyone know the name of the one that is in the museum? I have read good reviews but I can't remember the name, just that it was in the museum and was rated highly.

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            The one in the museum is On the Fork. I haven't been there since it changed hands but it used to be good.

        2. I've been to The Tasting Room on Richmond a couple of times, and found it was quite good, but not overly expensive.

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            Thanks for the recommendations. We tried The Tasting Room last night and it was quite good. The food was good, the service was fine and the overall atmosphere was comfortable. Not the best meal we've had in London but certainly above average. Price was reasonable for what we got. Would have like to see more wine selection (especially Ontario wines...I am no expert so I look for local wines when I can get them). We were going to try The Only on King but it was closed until the 12th so maybe next time...
            Thanks again.