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Jan 1, 2009 11:21 AM

BBQ in Atlanta

Hi All,

I will be traveling to Atlanta in early February and given my Canadian origin, I absolutely must seek out some southern BBQ during my stay. I don't care if it's served out of a side-of-the-road type stand, a small takeout joint or five star upscale establishment but I do care about it being good. No wait, I want the best.

I will be staying between Centennial Olympic Park and the Peachtree Centre. I will be attending a conference and won't be renting a vehicle but am not adverse to walking or taking transit to receive my meal.

Is there anything nearby that you all could recommend to this brave little hoser who is dying to try authentic Southern BBQ for the first time?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. My favorite BBQ place in Atlanta has to be Fox Bros Barbeque. It would be a cab ride away from you. Here's the link
    I am not sure there is any barbeque closer. But this is absolutely the best. I hope you get there and enjoy!

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        Mmmmm, that looks absolutely perfect!

        Thanks again!

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          I just went there for lunch, and it was quite good. I'd recommend it. It is more of a Texas BBQ, but there are things from different regions (pulled pork, Brunswick stew). Also, a deeper menu than I am used to for BBQ.

          1. Fox Brothers, Daddy D's or Harold's.
            Fox Brothers is real quality BBQ without the "authentic" ambiance.
            Daddy D's is also quality BBQ WITH the authentic ambiance. Its safe, but seedy.
            Harold's is not the best BBQ in Atlanta, but is still very good, and the most authentic BBQ experience still in Atlanta. 60 plus years in the same building.

            All will require transportation...

            email me at marchthird at hotmail dot com maybe Ill drive.. you buy lunch...

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              We loved Daddy D'z. The Q was excellent and the seediness just added to it all. When we first saw it, Mrs. Sippi said, "If they're open for lunch tomorrow, we're going" and that was just by driving by the outside.


            2. The closest good bbq is at Rolling Bones BBQ, 377 Edgewood Ave. It is much more convenient for you. They are in a former service station building and are busy during prime mid-day dining times.

              We all argue about who has the VERY best bbq. I feel that Sam & Dave's BBQ 1 on Lower Roswell Road in Marietta is the absolute best. It is far from convenient - but they do a superb job on brisket, and only excellent work when you try their pulled pork, ribs, chicken, etc. Their sides are made in house - which cannot be said of all bbq establishments. My only complaint is that their sweet tea is too sweet for my taste.

              1. Fox Bros. is good, Rolling Bones is alright....but I think Daddy Dz is what you're looking for as a first experience in a southern BBQ Joynt.
                You really cannot go wrong with any of them, but I visit Daddy Dz on a weekly basis; and between the food, the smells, the music and the divey nature of warms me inside. Enjoy.

                Also, getting to Daddy Dz or Fox Bros on MARTA (the rapid transit rail system) is easy from Centennial Park.
                Daddy Dz:
                Get on MARTA at the Dome/CNN Center stop (W1).
                Head East to the King Memorial stop (E2).
                Walk South on Grant St. for two blocks to MLK Drive.
                Walk West on MLK for two block to Hill St.
                Daddy Dz is on the corner of Hill/MLK.

                Fox Bros:
                Same deal but get off on the Inman Park Stop (E3).
                Walk East along Dekalb Ave for about a mile.
                Fox Bros on left.

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                  So I walk into Daddy Dz just before Christmas at 6 PM and ask "How are your ribs?" (My wife works at the Capitol so she goes there all the time but I just drove in from Athens) The Atmosphere is great, clippings and picures cover the walls, folks are friendly and the smell is terrific.
                  So the manager just says "You have to try one." and lays down a whole rib dripping in sweet and tangy sauce on a sheet of wax paper in front of me on the house. Great ribs! Tender, greasy, smoky and meaty. After the first, I ordered a plate of 4 more with sides and a sweet tea (of course). My wife had the pulled pork which was also good. Great moist cornbread, good slaw and fine BBQ beans. A totally satisfying BBQ experience.

                2. From what I have heard and have tried, I think the other poster's advise is right on. But if you ever come to Atlanta and have more freedom to travel consider Sam and Dave's. Their restaurant just west of downtown Marietta (BBQ2), has the same food as BBQ1 on Lower Roswell Rd., but instead of two tables and a small outside deck they have good inside table accomodations. I was a pork only BBQ guy until I tried their beef brisket.
                  Fox Bros supposedly does beef well also, but pork is king in the southeast. Daddy D's is known for ribs and blues bands on the weekend.