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Jan 1, 2009 11:18 AM

Aloha Sushi v. Aloha Tokyo HH?

One of my New Year's resolutions is to do an alphabetical happy hour with some friends. (We meet up at different bars once every two weeks, starting with A and ending with Z.) Can you recommend the happy hour at Aloha Sushi over Aloha Tokyo? I've actually heard nice things about Asahi Sushi as well, if anyone wants to chime in on that. Or really any other "A" bars in Baltimore.

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  1. I have not bee to Aloha Tokyo, but Aloha Sushi is great!!!! They $1 sushi all the time. The $1 sushi features most of the nigiri on their menu. They use fresh product and give you big, but not too big cuts of fish. Their happy hour downstairs is mostly chicken wing specials and maybe a beer special, but it is so cheap all the time it does not matter.

    Asahi used to be my go to place until Aloha opened, Aloha is much closer to my apartment. I have not been to the new loaction, one block north of the old one, but they have good sushi as well. The old place was BYOB i think, so they may not have happy hour specials.

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      We went to Asahi, and it was fab! BYOB, so I had a veggie roll and a spicy tuna role for $11 including tip. Very pretty space, nice service. Even the parking was weirdly easy -- maybe everyone but us stayed home to watch the inauguration? My one and only complaint was that the sushi was rolled a bit loosely -- I almost lost a roll or two in transit. But I liked it very much and hope to go back lots. Thanks for the suggestion, elnicka!

    2. We live near Aloha Tokyo in Locust Point and they haven't been open since before New Years. Not sure if that is a permanent thing, as they have frequently shut down for random nights (including Fridays and Saturdays) since they opened.

      The food there is (was?) pretty awful. They did a decent bulgogi — despite the "Aloha" and the "Tokyo" the owners were Korean. We had a couple of other menu items though that were memorably bad, including canned tuna over rice with curry powder sprinkled on top — their version of Tuna Curry.

      The one reliable feature of Aloha Tokyo was their steady supply of OB beer and awesome Karaoke. If indeed they have closed down, I know several of our friends and neighbors who will be crushed.

      Does any one else have any info on their status?

      1. Other A's: Ale Mary's, Alexander's Tavern, and...well, that's all I can think of.

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        1. re: LGood

          I would definitely add Mahaffey's Pub to your list for "M".

          Monday = $1 Slider Night
          Tuesday = Steak Night which is a great deal
          Wednesday = 30 cent wing night

          Every day from 3-7 is 3 10 oz. mugs for $4 to boot.

          1. re: mcattrone

            Good ideas, LGood! I've been to Ale Mary's before (and I'm tring to use my alphabetical happy hour to force myself to try new places), but Alexander's is promising. I think the original sushi group has settled on Asahi, though. But if you have any B suggestions, I'm all ears! All I can think of is Bert's in Charles Village.

            mcattrone, are you a publicist for Mahaffey's? :) I'll try to remember it, but I think M works out to be sometime in the summer, if I can keep up my two-per-month pace.

              1. re: jes

                That's the fallback -- it does have a great HH but I've been there a bunch and am trying to branch out.

                Too bad there's no way for you guys to know which bars I have and haven't tried! But all suggestions are welcome, thanks much!

              2. re: pomme de terre

                No, not a publicist. Just a loyal fan!

          2. always a good time at Alexanders, however don't forget Annabel Lee in Canton

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            1. re: chefgf25

              Annabel Lee was my A last year. Of course, I only made it to F. But I'll do better in 2009!

              A - Annabel Lee in Highlandtown. (Great, if always super crowded. I'm at the Creative Alliance a lot and this is the go-to afterspot.)

              B - Blue Moon in Fell's (also super crowded, but I deserved it for showing up at 10am on a Sunday. I was a single and they asked me if I would be willing to sit with another table. I did, and I had a great time.)

              C - Captain Larry's in Fed Hill (nothing special but a nice neighborhood place)

              D - David's in Hampden. (Unquestionably the worst of the bunch. Bad food, insanely slow service. And I am not a princess when it comes to service. I thought it was fun when Blue Moon seated me with strangers. But a two-hour lunch at a diner with my boring boss was the opposite of fun. I felt bad and dirty for having cheated on Bella Roma down the block.)

              E - El Rancho in Hampden (electic coffee shop with nice atmosphere, friendly service and great reading material. Could easily verge towards hippie- or hipster-dom but doesn't. Kudos. Has a back patio in warm weather.)

              F - Five Guys (Tasty, but I'm not sure what the big deal is)

              It's a totally pathetic showing, I know. But I always thought the alphabetical thing would be fun, so I'm trying to do it more this year. Hopefully I can go all the way!

                1. re: LGood

                  A - Abacrombie, Mount Vernon
                  B - Brass Elephant, Charles Street
                  C - Captain James, Boston Street
                  D - Dogwood Deli, Hampden
                  E - Edo Sushi, Timonium
                  F - Fiesta Mexicana, Rosedale
                  G - G&M, Linthicum
                  H - Helmand, Mount Vernon
                  I - Iggie's, Calvert Street
                  J - Jack's Bistro, Canton
                  K -
                  L - Louisiana, Fells Point
                  M - Matsuri, Federal Hill
                  N - Night Of The Cookers, Antique Row
                  O - Olive & Sesame, Pikesville
                  P - Petit Louis, Roland Park
                  Q -
                  R - Ryleigh's, Federal Hill
                  S - Spro, Towson
                  T - Thai Landing, Charles Street
                  U - Uncle Lee's, Inner Harbod
                  V - Vaccarro's, Little Italy
                  W - Woodberry Kitchen
                  X - XS, Charles Street
                  Y - Yamato Sushi, Timonium
                  Z - Ze Mean Bean, Fells Point

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