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Jan 1, 2009 10:53 AM

best bo kho (w/ bread)

any place offer a particularly good, rich delicious rendition? was at nam son and saw a number of people get the beef one, as well as the curry one, but the bread didn't look particularly good (real puffy). I've had watery versions which were not good, but I do recall having a really nice fish version (caramel fish?) at the viet place in flushing on kissena.

anyone have a partic rec, for both the beef and the chicken one? would love to find a great place to dip a loaf of bread into.

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  1. Next week if I'm in the vicinity of Pho BANG, I plan to order the BO KHO or CA RI GA (chicken curry). They're both listed under House Specialities and served with french bread, steamed rice or rice noodles. I once ordered the BO KHO (take out) at ThaiSon and was very disappointed but this was when they first opened two years ago. I'm a big fan at ThaiSon of Pho Bo Kho (14a) which is beef stew in a rich broth with rice noodles. They serve this with Basil leaves and bean sprouts. Its best to have this dish at the restaurant versus take out. I'll post again after I order the BO KHO from Pho BANG. I may once again order the beef stew or chicken curry from ThaiSon with the french bread which is from Carollo's Bakery in JH's. I'll post results.

    1. I like the Nam Son version well in enough, but it is lacking in flavour and not hearty enough for me. I haven't found a single place in Manhattan that compares to the Bo Kho's in San Gabriel Valley and Hawaii, where's it's thick enough to consume with bread alone, no utensils needed. Nam Son's bread is a hit and miss - I've definitely come on days where it was stale, but if worse comes to worse, you can always buy just the bread from a banh mi shop and bring it in ^_^

      But as far as the caramel fish (is it "Ca Kho" which you refer to?), my favourite version is at Nha Trang on 87 Baxter St. Here's a photo of the dish ->

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        Did they use salmon for the caramel fish? I reallly want a version that isn't made with salmon but it seems like most places do that.

        Sorry for stealing the post, but where can one find a good caramel pork?

        1. re: kobetobiko

          They used salmon for the caramel fish - I'm also looking for a non-salmon version, will let you know if I come across one!

          Haven't found good caramel pork yet.....but now I'm having all these Wednesday morning Vietnamese food cravings!

          1. re: kobetobiko

            not stealing at all! any of these deep-flavored thick sludges are the stuff of my dreams.

        2. The version at Baoguette features fat chunks of meat, carrot, and daikon...

          ...but the broth, though fragrant with lemon grass and anise, is thin.