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Jan 1, 2009 10:49 AM

Joe's American Bar and Grill

Joe's American Bar and Grill
Anyone try or like this place? Sometimes I crave good unfrilly American food, and the menu looks pretty good. Anyone have any comments or even suggestions. I was thinking about the one in North Shore Mall.

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  1. I've been to the one at Pheasant Lane Mall in Nashua and it was only so-so. I remember feeling like it was pricey for what you got (I think I had a reuben). But if you are stuck in a mall, especially with kids ... it's a better option than Ruby Tuesday, etc.


    1. I go to the one in Short Hills Mall. It's good for what it is (a mall restaurant), and not a destination. For lunch, you can't really go wrong with their burgers, and they make a good French Dip. I've had better reubens from delis. Salads are generous. Competently prepared food; nothing amazing but you won't be disappointed.