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Jan 1, 2009 10:48 AM

Looking for intimate restaurant for SO's birthday dinner this weekend

My SO and I took each other to Fleur de Sel on each of our birthdays last year, and I am looking for another restaurant that is intimate and has delicious cuisine that you can linger over. French, Japanese, American, Italian would all be great. Pretty much anything but non-Japanese Asian cuisines suit him. As for neighbourhoods, we live in the Union Square area, so something within walking distance would be ideal, but we travel. Looking to spend up to $500 everything included. Thank you!!

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  1. This place isnt very close to Union Square, nor is it French Japanese American or Italian, but Spanish instead. Called Dos Caminos on West Bway and Houston. Pretty cheap, GREAT food, includes a bar in the restaurant and their dessert is not bad either. Went there for x-mas dinner with the office. Tequila shots all around. I had the lobster quesadilla which was bigger than my face (and my face is pretty big i'll let you know). Just take the 6 train to Bleeker/Bway Lafayette and walk a few blocks!

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      Dos Caminos is Mexican.

      I've been reading Chowhound for a long time and this might just be the most not-what-the-poster-is-looking-for-at-all suggestion I've ever read.

    2. For French, I loved the seasonal tasting at Jean Georges a few weeks ago. It is $148 per person. It's at the Time Warner Center but I think it's worth the trip. It seems rather small for a four star restaurant. They definitely let you linger. We sat down at around 8pm and stayed until nearly midnight!

      For Japanese, I would recommend Sushi Azabu (very intimate) or Kyo Ya. Reservations recommended highly at both. Oh, and I've heard good things about 15 East. Geographically Kyo Ya is closest to you.

      For American, I would personally do Craft or Gramercy Tavern, which are both near you, but reservations might be difficult, especially at GT.

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        Hi Kathryn,
        Just wanted to say your Craft recommendation was excellent. We were seated at a nice, quiet corner table at the back of the restaurant and left all decisions up the chef by ordering the tasting menu and the wine pairings. Everything was flavored well and did not overpower the taste of the main ingredient. It was fun to taste so many different drinks in one sitting. I particularly liked the scallops with artichokes, but everything was amazing. The music was good in general but on occasion was a little loud and rock-n-roll-y, but overall it was a lovely evening that both of us enjoyed immensely. Thank you for the recommendation! Expensive but well worth it.

      2. I would recommend Veritas. When Chef Gregory Pugin took over the kitchen this summer, the cuisine took a turn from New American to seriously delicious French. Like Fleur de Sel (which is one of our favs), the dining room at Veritas is small. Though the decor is more minimalist, I find it soothing, and the overall ambiance is very comfortable.

        1. We are going to try Craft. Thanks for the recommendations; I will report back!