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Jan 1, 2009 10:46 AM

Burger/Pubs in Bergen?

Looking for some new choices for a nice pub-style environment in Bergen County with some good emphasis on burgers. Already know about Iron Horse, Cornerstone, Hungry Peddler, and Finnegans. Any good neighborhood "joints" to recommend?

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  1. they recently re-did the place & re-opened with new owners, so i'm not sure what the atmosphere will be like now, but the Bicycle Club was always the local go-to place for a good burger.

    i also read good things here on CH a while back about the burger at JD's Steak Pit in Fort Lee (apparently it's not on the menu but you can order one). we used to go there when i was a kid - i absolutely LOVED their baby-back ribs and fried zucchini. *however* it's another place that's under new management, so i have no idea if the food - or the burger option - is the same.

    and finally, definitely not a pub, but the River Palm steakhouse in Edgewater supposedly has a great burger that they only serve at lunch.

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      I always wanted to try the bicycle club. I was really turned off though when i just read the note on their website "no cell phones". I don't talk on my cell during dinner, if I received a call I would tell the person I'll call back or if it is important step outside. . What's the difference if someone speaks quietly on their phone or speaks in the same tone to another person? Reminds me of an episode of the Larry David show. Larry is sitting at a table and there's a guy on his cell talking really loudly so Larry starts chatting to himself likes he's talking on a cell and the jerk next to him is clueless.

      1. re: michele cindy

        the rules are in place for a reason. obviously because some people don't realize how loudly they are talking on their cell phones. the rule is in place for the comfort of the guests. No reason to be offended.

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        Thanks, but Bicycle Club and River Palm are not what I had in mind. I want a casual Pub-style place on the order of a neighborhood Irish/Pub/Burger joint. Wood on the walls is good. Old photos, too.

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          what about o donohues in nyack. may be too far?

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            i know those weren't the vibe you asked for - i said in my post that they weren't pubs/burger joints - but AFAIK, there aren't many other good ones around here besides the ones you already mentioned in your OP.

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              If you are willing to travel to Nyack like Michele Cindy suggested, you should check out the Olde Village Inne on Main St. Burgers are decent, the atmosphere is spot on and they pull an excellent pint of Guinness.

          2. It's not in Bergen, but Egan's in Montclair does a great job at being an upscale is good (burgers, wings, fish and chips complete w/mushy peas) and ranges from those items to HUGE salads and steaks. Just figured I'd mention it if you're willing to take a ride...

            1. 101 Pub in Bogota, NJ., great burgers, great fajitas, friendly place.

              1. There are nice pubs and great burgers, but rarely in the same place.

                I liked the atmosphere at Hennessy's in Northvale and found the burger to be good (though not great, although the fries were great). I also like Tommy Fox's Public House in Bergenfield, although I can't speak for their burgers.

                As mentioned, the Bicycle Club may be a good option. Its new owner, Jimmy Macagna, is the former JD's Steak Pit (also mentioned) owner, so perhaps the burger came with him.

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                  We were at Tommy Foxe's in Bergenfield last week and 3 in our group had burgers and liked them. Good assortment of beer on tap including Smithwick's, my favorite from Ireland. Only beef was I hated the 80's rock they were playing.

                2. 101 pub has been my go to for burgers for a few years, but i believe it has gone down a bit recently. smaller burgers and not as flavorful, less fries and not as crispy. i recently tried tommy foxes and thought there burger was delicious. i wish it was a little larger but it was very tasty.