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Jan 1, 2009 09:55 AM

What is your New Year's Day menu?

We have black eyed peas and rice. This year we are using a variation on the dish with Broadbent's sausage from Aidells and Kellys Hot Links and Country Flavors. I'm cooking up a pot of collards and turnip greens. I think there will be some piping hot crispy cornbread in there too.,

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  1. Breakfast is Cinnamon/Pecan coffee cake, lunch is Chicken/Cheese Enchiladas with a mace spiced bechamel sauce and dinner is a Duck Sausage and ground pork red sauce over spaghetti with a side of green salad and crusty Ciabatta.

    1. New Years Day is the time when we dispose of the leftover "holiday" food. Basically we just graze all day. Right now it's leftover hot crab dip and onion dip. I can't say what later today will bring..maybe a brownie with coffee ice cream on top? :) No resolutions in this house!!

      1. Just preparing to take a nap from NY brunch. Made a breakfast strata using cinnamon raisin bread, cream cheese, low sugar apricot preserves, eggs, and milk. Served it with assorted cheeses (Gouda, brie, Jarlsberg) & crackers, nova salmon with more cream cheese, sliced onions & tomatoes, and bagels. Critus fruit salad with pineapple, grapefruit, mango, clementines, bananas, honey & Triple Sec. Apricot cocnut coffee cake and cinnamon rolls. Fresh coffee, leftover champagne with OJ, and white wine. Ate way too much and will be napping while rest of fam watches football. Thinking we will order pizza or Chinese tonight!

        1. Brunch was waffles with whipped cream and bananas (and/or typical fixings -- syrup, jams, etc,) with fruit smoothies.
          We'll snack on leftover holiday food midday.
          Dinner is deconstructed Hoppin John (meaning beans and rice cooked separately). Presoaked black-eyed peas cooked with diced bacon, lots of onions, some garlic, a little ham broth and water, and bay leaves. The kids eat it better separate over rice and I think it keeps better anyway. Since I soaked the whole pound of peas, I'll be freezing some.
          Since it's just the immediate family, we'll do roast pork tenderloins, cornbread, and broccoli. We're not even Southern, but use New Year's as a good reason to remember to make black-eyed peas!

          1. We are headed over to my parents house this afternoon for Prime Rib and Yorkshire pudding. I am so excited, I haven't had my mothers Yorkshire pudding in years and hers is the best!
            For some reason we are also having baked potatoes and creamed spinach. Guess I'll be starting the wedding diet tomorrow (gotta stop saying that, it always turns into tomorrow!;)).
            Right now I am recovering from too much vino and not enough food last night; breakfast was two frozen White Castle cheeseburgers and some Ore Ida french fries, all lovingly made by my SO once he saw the shape I was in! Those burgers were something-totally reminded me of grade school cafeteria food, but they did the trick!
            Now I'm in bed sipping water and waiting for sleep to wash away the pain.
            Happy New Year Everyone!!!

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              I started today with a bacon cheeseburger and fries. Good. Greasy. and a hot cup of coffee. Yeah, it hit the spot. Not sure I'll need to eat tonite but if I do, it'll be leftover cheese dip with tortillas, refrieds. I'm still not hungry from my feast this am.

              No resolutions here either than to just not eat when I'm not hungry. . . I'm still not hungry but I hear the double chocolate chip cookies calling me!