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Jan 1, 2009 08:16 AM

Mr. Bill's - Winslow Twp, NJ (thumbs-up!)

I know it's off-season for the Shore, but DH and I headed there for a mini-vacation earlier this week. On our way down, we stopped for lunch at Mr. Bill's in Winslow Twp, NJ. If you've ever driven down Rt 73 to pick up the AC Expressway, this is the place with the giant lumberjack in the parking lot.

Anyway, this little drive-in was great. I had a cheeseburger, DH had the foot-long chili dog, and we shared onion rings and a strawberry milkshake. The ~1/3-lb burger was juicy and came on a real roll, not one of those squished, soggy nightmares many fast-food places use, with . DH enjoyed his chili dog - a steamed Coney-style dog, with a nice meaty chili. The onion rings... oh, the onion rings... sweet and peppery, and not overly breaded. The shake was pretty good - hand-dipped and lots of berries (okay, I admit we weren't supposed to "share" the shake...). Their menu also includes a wider range of sandwiches and breakfast foods (the family behind us ordered egg-n-cheese bagels and pancakes... so many pancakes...), as well as ice cream treats.

I was suprised to find no previous postings on this board... how has this place been overlooked by hungry CHOW-ers? We'll definitely go back, especially since we know how close we are!

Mr. Bill's Coney Island
453 S State Highway 73
Winslow, NJ 08095
(alas, no website...)

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  1. I've posted a Trip Report on it on my other favorite website,
    (complete with pics)
    You can check in out in the "forums" section, in the "sandwich" topic page...
    I am ellen4641 over there....

    Mr Bill's uses Vienna Brand pastrami...
    still like the Carnegie in NYC, Harold's Famous Deli in Edison& East Brunswick, and Irivng's in Livingston, NJ even better!!

    On the bright side , Mr. Bill's is only 25 miles from my A.C area...
    I LOVED their homemade potato chips!!