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Jan 1, 2009 07:50 AM

Flour for baking bread

Where can I buy flour for baking bread? My local Dominicks has all-purpose flour and whole wheat flour, but I am also interested in finding rye flour, bread flour, and whatever else I might be able to experiment with. Also, it would be good to buy in larger quantities. Please let me know if you know of any stores which offer a better selection. I live in Wicker Park, so anyplace near there would be best.

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  1. Whole Foods should have what you need in bins so you buy what you need without having to do a 5 pound or larger bag you'll not use up. also has a wide assortment if you want to online order.

    1. The very best flour is made by King Arthur: The 5# bags are available at Jewel, plus they have wholesale 25# bags. They also have the most varied selection of flours I've ever seen. Whenever I run out and use any other flour to bake, believe it or not, my husband can tell!

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        King Arthur Flour is the best I have tried, and I bake a decent amount of bread. The Trader Joe's in the burbs carries it as well. I have also obtained some incredible whole wheat flour from the winter farmers market.

        LucyD - I haven't seen the 25# bags...where did you find them?

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