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Jan 1, 2009 06:09 AM

leftover french baguettes recipe?

Hi and Happy New Year!

I over bought and now have two huge baguettes that I don't want to waste. What can I do with them other than bread pudding? The ends are now a bit hard, but the bulk of them are still good....

If bread pudding is my only option, does anyone have a unique recipe?


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    1. javagrrl, here is a recipe that was super easy and SO delish. it's not unique by any means, but it made a mean bp. i think i used ciabatta, but i think most bread will work according to the comments (and do take these into account when preparing).

      if you make it, lemme know what you think...good luck!

      1. i used to make an iberian inspired garlic soup with sausage and herbs, that i thickened with bread.
        um i'd brown sausage meat, then add a LOT of chopped garlic (several heads - not cloves heads). after the garlic softens i'd toss in some fresh chopped basil and/or other herbs, and cubed bread. add chicken stock, and saffron , season to taste, and let simmer. very nice if served with a poached egg on top too.

        1. A few savory ideas come to mind:

          1. panzenella [spelling] salad assuming you can find a decent tomato this time of year.
          2. tactines or brushetta. Lightly toast the bread rub with garlic and oil then top with smoked salmon, tapenade, goat cheese,
          3. make croutons [which you could freeze if you have extra] and make a caesar salad or a hearty bowl of vegetable soup
          4. top onion soup with bread and cheese
          5. homemade bread crumbs, toast and make a pasta sauce [ a quick google search found many recipes]

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            Panzenella is what I would have suggested. It's sooo yummy! But it's hardly worth doing if you don't have homegrown summer tomatoes.

          2. Here's a link to a savory bread pudding.... Leek and Mushroom Stuffing. I made it last Sunday to go with roast duck. It was absolutely delicious. I put what few leftovers there were in chicken soup later in the week.


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              I have not yet waded through all 68 comments, so I don't know if this was mentioned. 'Pon a time, I made a savory BP with a sliced pork tenderloin, you know, one of those things about as big around as a silver dollar. Putting one (or two) of those in this recipe sounds good to me. As soon as all the holiday stored supplies thin down, I'm going shopping for mushrooms and stuff for this.

              OBTW ~ I see that this came from Bon Appetite. I haven't subscribed for many years, but my book order from Jessica's Biscuit (you remember?) comes with a free one year subscription.