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4 Hours in Manhattan / Resolving to find something new

gourmandadventurer Jan 1, 2009 05:46 AM

Happy new year everyone!

Due to a fortunate set of airline mishaps I found myself in NY overnight, flying out later this afternoon. Instead of following my beaten path of Ess-a-Bagel / Zabars / Brooklyn / Chelsea Market, I thought I'd see if you'd recommend any other bakeries, cafes, delis in the midtown/upper east or west side that might be open today I should try...especially if there's a cluster of great places near each other.

I can research if they're open today and thanks in advance for broadening my horizons!


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    david sprague RE: gourmandadventurer Jan 1, 2009 06:57 AM

    happy new year!

    well, for bakery purposes, bouchon at the time warner center has some delicious items...

    not sure if either or both are open today, and a little off your beaten path, but katz's (for pastrami -- or hot dogs, should you choose :) ) and russ & daughters for smoked fish (carry out only) are right together on east houston street.

    hope you have a fun whirl thru town!

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      MMRuth RE: david sprague Jan 1, 2009 06:59 AM

      Or, if they are open, Barney Greengrass is on the UWS, as an alternative to Russ & Daughters, and you can eat in.

    2. r
      RGR RE: gourmandadventurer Jan 1, 2009 07:36 AM

      This is probably too late for goumandadventurer, but just as a reminder, Sarge's Deli is open 24/7/360.


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        gourmandadventurer RE: RGR Jan 2, 2009 07:28 AM

        Thanks for all the ideas. Bouchon was the other idea I'd thought about.

        Alas I had my luggage with me, as well as a wicked hangover, so decided on the path of least resistance. Had a smoothie at Zabars and got my favorite airplane food, their cucumber / tofu "thai style" salad. All in all, a good new years eve which included caviar transported by my host from Russia to East Timor then to NY.

        Hope you had a good one too and will definitely visit these places next time! I'm happy to return the advice if you come to the SF bay area.

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