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Dec 31, 2008 05:49 PM

Spiral slicer that makes 1.5" strings like the Spirooli?

I have a Spirooli, but it is breaking down and, since it is less than a year old, I am loathe to replace it with another similar item. What I would really like to find is the machine that Japanese chefs use to make the strings of daikon that they put on the sushi plate -- that is the size of string (approximately 1.5") that I want to make with zucchini and other vegetables. The spirooli does it (as does the World Cuisine), but they are not what the Japanese sushi chefs are using, obviously, because they BREAK. I would like to be spiralizing vegetables at 1.5" size often (three times weekly at least) so I need a dependable appliance.

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